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Affiliate marketing is the best type of customer engagement, and BitcoinStack actively uses this instrument.
This allows us to gain the trust of clients and to disseminate information about company investment proposal far beyond the borders, based on online activity of our partners. Using an affiliate program significantly reduces the costs of promotion and advertising services for the company. The savings are distributed evenly among our partners and serve as a reward for their affiliate activity.
You are not limited in the methods of search and attracting new investors and receive 8.88% referral commission.
The affiliate program is the best proof of our serious intentions. We invite you to become part of our team and get extra income - 15%+. More information in REPRESENTATIVE section.

Affiliate commission you can earn without active deposit. In DEPOSIT section enter your username and bitcoin wallet where you want receive all your comissions and press continue - after that you will receive your unique referral address related to your bitcoin wallet and all commissions will be transfered to your provided wallet automatically and instant after each deposit. Self referring is not allowed and commissions will not be sent.


• Very efficient DDoS mitigation service
• Unique script with high-end code
• Original Bitcoin API (no 3rd party)
• Running full node with 99.9% uptime
• Extra benefits for representatives
• Secured by SSL certificate
• Many marketing tools to promote
• Professional and expert team
• No deposit / withdrawal limits
• Attractive template
• 24/7 online support
• Automatic and instant deposits, payments and commissions
• No hidden charges or extra fees - Stacking method lets us to cover it for you![/size]

Email us at support@bitcoinstack.net or get in touch with us here.