“Lion-Bit” is the most usable cryptocurrency futures exchange for traders

The recent price fluctuation of cryptocurrencies is the main reason for investors to switch from spot exchanges to futures exchanges.
This situation requires traders to choose their exchange with the most optimum environment for their trading qualities in order to maximize their profits.
The current derivatives exchanges were operated with prices fluctuating in regards to the trading activities of investors. But this price system consisted of high elasticity, being highly reliant on large investors which eventually lead to liquidation for some traders. Many exchanges were suspected of price controls, that they intentionally regulated prices to induce traders to liquidation and therefore unfairly gaining profit.

As a result, we can say that the right choice of this bitcoin derivative exchange is highly relevant to the amount of profit that a trader can generate. Lion-Bit adopts a new trading system of ‘spot trading’ and is receiving positive feedback from its traders.

In the case of spot trading, unlike other major exchanges, the average market price will be set by the basis of the top 5 global exchanges, which will act as a countermeasure to investors who are likely to be liquidated by the influence price manipulation.

Also, in cases of large trading amounts, the prices showed sudden movements of fluctuations, not allowing users to buy and sell at their desired prices. In contrast to this, traders may now choose spot trading and optimize profit by buying and selling at their desired price (for instance, in the case of purchasing 1000 bitcoins at a price of 8000 USD, the price will be sold at the market price which will then eventually raise the price, signing off the price at the time of purchase; but when trading with Lion-Bit, you will be able to immediately purchase 1000 bitcoins at the price of 8000 USD). This can prevent such situations as when fluctuations occur due to transactions becoming larger, this transaction amount will become excessive, making the system freeze and therefore putting traders into the most damaging price contracts. These traders will therefore gain loss and/or liquidate, going through the process of a bitcoin ‘spike’. And for the prevention of such cases, there has been buildups of a great reputation.

Traders usually want to produce results based on their abilities, but in reality, most exchanges prioritize their own profits, exploiting the fact that they use high leverages and therefore undermining favorable results of other traders.

Lion-Bit, however, has upgraded their system so that users can directly select and trade two currency bases the, USD and BTC, and adopt a spot transaction that is immediately executed at a desired price, so that users can take the return as they are.

If most exchanges were aimed at biasing customers' investments through a system that is advantageous to them, Lion-Bit provides a system that can accurately place its users in an trading environment according to their performance.

Lion-Bit is expected to strengthen its position to users who are dealing with high-risk derivatives, as their reputation towards this service expands its region.