We are friends of 15 Mathematical / Computer Engineers, we were all interested in long sports and casino bets. We made bets and won many times with mathematical methods of our own designs. Three years ago we started to examine the bets made with Bitcoin and crypto money and to do experiments. During this time, we have developed many different and successful methods. We had the idea of 2 experiences with all of our experiences.

1- The case will always win.

2- You can not always win in gambling and betting games.

These two basic rules taught us to develop a Money Management System that is more important than gambling techniques and tactics. This system works in general as follows.

1- Realizable, To play with short periods with a reasonable profit target,

2- Determining Stop / Loss Limits and not insisting.

We have seen that when systematic and regular games are done in this way (Sportsbooks, Casino Games, etc.), we can make regular income. We have developed custom software with 15 Friends to automate this. We optimized this software for games that are a specialty of every friend. We put each unit in a pool of 1000 USD. We decided to start with 15000 USD. Our goals were simple. Daily Gain will be 6-7% for total balance.

If I lost my daily limit, it would be 2%. We were gambling in 12 different areas. In case of loss we compensate it from our wife and continue to win systematically. The good news is, we did this for 365 days. From time to time we lost our money, but we comfortably compensated it with our earnings. Thus, it is SUCKED regularly for 365 days !! In our system, there are no human emotions such as Chance, Greed, Sensuality, Frustration, Happiness drunkenness. People's gambling experiences and chances do not matter. The only thing we trust is the Financial Management System.

Invest plans:

-PLAN 1 => 1% daily => 7 Days (MAIN MONEY BACK PAYMENT)

-PLAN 2 => 2% daily => 15 Days MAIN MONEY BACK PAYMENT)

-PLAN 3 => 3% daily => 30 Days (MAIN MONEY BACK PAYMENT)

-PLAN 4 => 3.5% daily => 45 Days (MAIN MONEY BACK PAYMENT)

-PLAN 5 => 4% daily => 90 Days (MAIN MONEY BACK NO PAYMENT)

-PLAN 6 => 5% daily => 180 Days (MAIN MONEY BACK NO PAYMENT)

Min/max deposit: Unlimited

Payment systems: Bitcoin,Dogecoin,Etherium,USD(PAYEER)


Affiliates: %5

Tech.part:Verif. PM, SSL, DDoS, Dedicated server, Unique Script
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