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    Marketiva Investment Tips

    Hi all, I am noticing more and more of the GT members floating around in Marketiva these days, so thought I would create somewhere for us to share ideas, trade predictions, helpful links etc. I'll start things off by making the following prediction: Please understand that I most likely...
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    VecoFX - 1.5% - 2.1% daily, domain registered till 2015!

    Hey all, It has been quite a while since I have put an advert in, but I thought this one might be worth a go. VecoFX In terms of my requirements, it has met most of them, and exceeded it in one area (domain registration). Non template...
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    The past month - What have we learnt?

    Hi to all goldentalkers, I feel a trend of discontent here in the forums with the HYIP scene after the recent failures of some of the "majors" in the HYIP market. With Prime-fund, Sonic Investments, JT and others dissapearing off the scene, it is easy to feel some form of resentment towards...
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    Anyone here actually trade in Forex?

    Hi all .. anyone here actual forex traders? ... if you are can you throw me a PM as I would like to pick your brain on some ideas :) I will remove this thread tomorrow.
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    Sonic Investments - the trend continues

    Well, as much as it pains me to do it, I have to write this one off as a scam also, no response from admin for a long time now, and below is some more evidence collated so far. Also reflects Goldpoll's status. And of course the fact there is now no website and it hasnt paid for a week now.
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    The simplest hyip seen yet

    Just came across this one today, had to chuckle: now that is keeping it simple!
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    If there was a perfect HYIP it would have ...

    Just a thought coming to me when searching around for a new investment, was what would I consider to be the "perfect" hyip. At present if something meets around 80% of my criteria then I give it serious thought, but if someone were to set up the perfect HYIP ... what would you want to see. I...
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    Sunflowerseed - 5% daily

    Well I might as well start this one off. I have been paid my first interest payments and withdrawal request was done very fast. Also withdrawn a small referral payment as well so all is blooming (heheh get it ... blooming ... sunflower ... heheh ... ah dear ... no not that funny is it ...
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    Dollarjet - a heads up

    Dont know if many of you are in dollarjet, but their offer was a free $11 on signup. This meant, as their minimum spend was $10, you could essentially invest with them for free (which I did :)). However for the last few weeks they have been constantly reminding its members that any investor who...
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    Offshore Club

    Hey all .. paid out two contracts on this one, and withdrawal almost instant this time, well done. Seems reliable.
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    Reality Millions - Latest ID Requirements

    Hi all, I am one of the many waiting for RM to re-surface in the upcoming weeks, today I received the following. To be honest something is nagging at me with this one ... as it has come out of the blue and seem to be asking for an awful lot of personal info. What are other members thoughts?
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    GoldenTRACKER 0.4.2 Released - Free HYIP Tracking Template Exclusive to Goldentalkers

    GoldenTRACKER 0.4.2 Hi to all fellow Goldentalkers! Through my trawling through the many informative (and some not so informative) posts as a part of my mod role here at Goldentalk, I have noticed the posts asking for a spreadsheet about this, or how do you work out that, or what...
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    New HYIP Accounting software

    Hey all, Well I have been sitting back and waiting for U Software to release their new version of their HYIP Accounting software in a hope to be able to discard my excel spreadsheets for good. v1.7 has now been released ( which is the good news, but I...
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    Paxmix - up to 2.48% 7 days a week (merged)

    Paxmix - up to 2.48% 7 days a week Just tried my first withdrawals on profits of this unique HYIP, received it to my e-gold as promised withing 24 hours, actually after about 4 hours :)... good start!
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    Offshoreclub under DDOS attack

    Hey all, For those of you invested in Offshoreclub ( this is the response I got this morning after noticing their site was down and emailing admin: There is hope for my about to pay investment yet. Wil wait and see.
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    Paxmix - 1.98%-3.48% daily - Compounding allowed!

    Hi all, Time for another recommendation as my late night search for programs continue. (or .net or .org for that matter) seems an interesting one. Offering 1.98%-2.48% daily with the option to compound profits daily just like some of our favourites. They have also gone to...
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    Why a program goes "private"?

    Hi all ... an interesting trend lately is programs announcing they are closing to the public and going private. To me I find it hard to understand the reason for doing this exactly so I was wondering if anyone had any business reasons as to why a program would do this. I have heard two...
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    Anyone heard any communication from the admin of They seemed to have dissapeared today which is a concern. I know they had their own forum but dont know the address, anyone know it?
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    Sonic Investments - An Interview With CEO Jhonatan Scott

    Hi all, I have just completed an interview with CEO of Sonic Investments Jhonatan Scott, considering my personal site is not up and running as yet, it is all the Goldentalkers that can have first look at what he had to say, enjoy! Q. Hi Jhonatan, thankyou for agreeing to this interview...
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    goldbound - anyone get paid?

    Hey all, Anyone else here by "units" from (now gone so no use following the link), and actually get paid. The promise was you by units at $10 a pop, and on the last day of may this is returned with a certian amount of return (more units more return). Now that it is June, and...