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    Do You Aim For Too Much Profit?

    You get the question very clear. Do you aim for too much profit in your trades? Some traders deposit small money and aim to make too much from that small deposit. This strategy or method is not healthy for a trader as it usually leads to greediness. When a trader would have close a trade and...
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    Losses Affect Your Interest In Forex?

    If you are a trader and you have being trading on real account, there will be time when you will loose. How do you feel about the loss. Does it affect your interest in forex and make you want to quit trading. Sometimes the loss can be really huge. So tell us how you feel for forex when you loose.
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    RoyalUnion -

    Date: 10/23/2012 7:17 PM Batch: 116024053 From Account: U8022856 (RoyalUnion) Amount: $1.15 Memo: Withdraw from Thank you.
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    Earn Building

    There is not much info on the site. Just 1 day old but over $11k is already deposited. Monitors are investing big on this program. Plans: 104% - 128% after 1 day, 115% - 235% after 3 day, 142% - 450% after 7 day. Minimal Spend: $10 Referral Bonus: 3% Withdrawal: Instant...
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    You Are Discouraged About Forex?

    After taking a long lessen on forex, I'm kinda discourage to start trading in a live account. What actually seems to discuage me is not that the lesson was long or that forex is complicated to understand. My teacher did told me that forex trading is not for low income earners or somebody that...
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    Should We Have Backup For Forex Trading?

    There is loss in the market and we know that there are times when a trader can trade agains his/herself or the trade just turn the negative way and the trader end up loosing his or her money in the market. At such times, where will the trader go and get money from to start trading again assuming...
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    Forex School Opens At Babypips!

    If you are an absolute newbie and want to learn forex like me, then this will interest you. Babypips is a leading forex broker. They help train newbies to to forex market. Recently, the opened a forex school to take the newbie to the level where they can become a successful trader and trade by...
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    Ruby Funds -

    You have received a payment to your account U8xxxxx: Date: 2012-29-05 13:29:04 Batch: 97066373 From Account: U1132761 Amount: $1.80 Memo: Withdrawal to DELETED from NO USER ID'S ALLOWED
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    Ruby Funds -

    I found this new program to be interesting. Very short plan. 60-65% daily for 2days. More plans on the site. Minimum deposit is $1. Withdrawal instant. Site design not good. Do you guys find it interesting too? I'm already in and. Have receive my first payment instantly!
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    I'm not Admin. The program seems to be actractive to many investors. Take a look at the statistic of the program below after 7days. Information *»*Started * * * * May 21, 2012 *»*Running days. 7 *»*Total accounts 48182901 *»*Total deposited $ 286,422.48 *»*Total withdraw $...
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    How to know your soul mate (wife or husband)

    I have these two pretty simple girls that I love. I seemed to love them equally and could easily settle down with any of them. Now, I have not been married before and didn't know much on this subject of marriage but I've started thinking marriage. So I need some input from my elders in the...
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    Permanent fund -

    I search the forum but could not find this program. I'm not Admin Run days; 581 Monitored by Goldpoll Investment Plans 1.Daily Profit: 3% Min deposit $10 Total Return: %135 2.Daily Profit: 3.5% Min deposit $50001 Total Return: %157.5 3.Daily Profit: 4% Min deposit...
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    All Hyip Is Scam??

    Most of us had being involved in one hyip or the other. It is true that some of these hyip honestly engage in some real business transactions and in turn pays us for a while, while others do not do so. The point I want to make here is the conclosion that we normally make that all hyip are scam...
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    Social Network- Internet Bank!

    Social networks are the most popular destinations on the web today. The Admins of these sites make so much money from it everyday especially the most popular ones. Mark Zukabarg,(I'm not sure if the spelling of the name is correct) the owner of Facebook launches facebook in 2005. By 2009 he was...
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    PTP vs Adsense

    PTP and Google adsense are sure way to earn money online. We have heard some success stories about people that earn thousand of Dollars with adsense. But we have not heard such with PTP. When carefully considered, adsense seem to be a big money earner and at the same time the hardest way to...
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    I have search the forum but I couldn't find this program. I'm not the admin, just an investor. The admin of this program is a close friend and member of GT. Very stable plans. 1% to 1.5% daily profit.Minimum investment $1.Automatic withdraw.2% referral bonus.DDos protected and SSL secured...
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    I have seacrh the forum and I did not find anything about this site. I just discover this site and I'm wondering about it. I can't really tell much about them as I'm still new to the site. They have a network of blogs. The claim to pay .50$ for each article one surmit. Payment mode-PP. Has...
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    The Type Of Internet Business I will Do If I have Enough Capital!

    For most of us, capital is the greatest obstacle to our online business. But I know that someday this obstacle will be overcome. In the day you will evercome this obstacle and have enough fund on you, which type of internet business will you like to do? For me, I'm a social network adict, so...
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    How To Make Your BLOG Rank High In Alexa

    I'm interested in joining ReviewMe. But one of their criterial for joining is high ranking and I know very little or nothing about this. If you have an idea that can help, pls share. :love: Thanks.
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    How to write hyip scripts

    I'm actually wondering with the way these hyip programs are writing. So I'm now asking this cool question about how this thing is usually done. Are you an expert in the house? Then you can adress this issue. I guess other members will be interested in knowing it too. :beer: