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    some ways to earn money from internet

    Is not as easy as you put it. Many things are involved. For example, your location is an important factor to consider. I'm not sure if ebay support all countries of the world so selling on ebay will be impossible if they don't support your country. Another factor to consider is how to receive...
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    The Very Sad News

    The news about ur death and burial shocked me so much. It is true that u were a mode here, but u were always a father to me. Honestly, I was hoping that u ll be with us a little longer, but now, u are gone and I'm not going to hear from u again. So bad! I ll miss u greatly. Goodbye, Ur...
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    One Day HYIP or Sports Betting?

    I think it depends on how we want to compare them otherwise, they are the same--Gambling. The only difference I see is the risk control and you have to be very lucky to make a profit in both cases no matter what you think you know..
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    Wealth4all Earning Strategies

    Yea, but PH seems to be the main source of income for W4al and how long it will take to yield enough profit for share holders remain unknown. Hmmm.
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    Paid to Like Page on Facebook

    There is a Payza payment option along side Paypal. I have an account with them with many refs and some few bucks but I abandoned the account long time ago.
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    Wealth4all Earning Strategies

    "Member Login The password is incorrect. Please use Password Finder and the system will send it on your emailbox" What are they up to now with my correct password being incorrect?
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    Zionfinance -

    Consider checking the site back later. It could be a temporal connection error or due to some technical problems.
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    GoldPoll Design need to be change ?

    I think GP needs a change/addition. How much GP invest in those programs remain unknown as GP does not indicate like other monitors do? Apart from that, GP is ok for me.
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    KeyAssociates -

    Why are we still discussing the scam program? It is of no use. We are getting use to it/ Mods please close this thread.
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    Wealth4all Earning Strategies

    Actually, from the time the founder shares was available for purchase and we bought it till now is more than a month and yet nothing has happened. That is not encouraging. At least we need some conpensation for the waiting. Our money is just locked in there and the waiting is taking longer. I...
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    Into Farm -

    Of course, there is nothing anyone can do now. When a program go off like this, investors will have sleepless nights and so much worries especially those that are yet to be in profit. The only thing that I think can be done now is to hope for the best to happen.
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    Do You Aim For Too Much Profit?

    You get the question very clear. Do you aim for too much profit in your trades? Some traders deposit small money and aim to make too much from that small deposit. This strategy or method is not healthy for a trader as it usually leads to greediness. When a trader would have close a trade and...
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    KeyAssociates -

    First payment recieved from here. It take long to arrived but finally came. Well, the program seems not to pay faster. I don't have much problem with that as far as the Admin still pays.
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    KeyAssociateS -

    Date: 11/24/2012 3:41 AM Batch: 121256182 From Account: U5717793 (KeyAssociates) Amount: $2.30 Memo: Cashout from KeyAssociates Thanks Admin!
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    Into Farm -

    Yea, I heard of their attack on another forum where their update regarding the attack where posted. They encourage their clients to be patience with them that they are working hard to put things to normal again as before. What I'm thinking is thaty this should not be the end of this program as...
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    Social Network- Internet Bank!

    Exactly! Uniqueness is the key if the site must succeed. But should I tell you that it goes a way beyond just uniqueness? Yes, you need more than just uniqueness to make a successful social network. You need good financing + marketing of the site. So you have the three indispensable factors...
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    Profitclicking (former Justbeenpaid) -

    Well, that's really discouraging. From what I understand by more here, the delay can sometimes take up to 3 months. If they have made it 2weeks max it would have being better. What are you going to do now?
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    Another hourly program there. I'm not a player of hourly programs so I will just pass this one. I will not invest with such high roi as I'm not sure of recieving the first payout. Good luck to those that want to invest here.
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    SafeOnlineInvest -

    Well, the program is not meant to be sustained in any way. Just a fast scam that may close even before you reach bep. Although one can still give them a try as we can't really tell how short or long they will be here only that they must scam somebody sooner or later. The minimum dep is not bad...
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    KeyAssociates -

    Good for you then. Most of us have lost more than 80% of our fund in the last 1-2 weeks. Hope KA can surve till 2013.