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  1. Jofril

    Help recover deleted photos

    How can I recover photos that I accidentally deleted? There is no recycle bin on my PC.
  2. Jofril

    I need laptop for real estate agent

    Tell me, please, which laptop should I buy for my work as a realtor? My budget is 1000 dollars.
  3. Jofril

    Our pets

    She will come to everyone. Who has animals at home? I want to get a dog. Which breed to choose?
  4. Jofril

    Favorite films

    Let's share your favorite movies. Also, what films did you like this year?
  5. Jofril

    Several ways to get money for free in gambling

    I found a detailed guide that tells how to get money for free in a casino. These are practical tips on bonuses, free spins and withdrawing money to your cash account. But there is one caveat - all these casinos only work with cryptocurrency. This article helped me...
  6. Jofril

    Recommend headphones

    Advise me headphones in which I can run and play basketball. So that the headphones do not interfere and do not fall out.
  7. Jofril

    I need a free tool for webmasters

    Tell me a free tool. So that I could check the traffic on my site, find errors, check the speed of loading pages and so on.
  8. Jofril

    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

    Antivirus protection for PC is a necessity. But not always there is money to buy antivirus software. I recommend in such a situation Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool And you can take full-fledged solutions with a trial period of 30 days.
  9. Jofril

    Trading Software

    What helps you to trade in the Forex market? What programs do you use for this? I use special forex signals. Let's share such useful information with each other.