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  1. benjaminmason

    Bitcoin Ponzi Doubler Game - Investment Plan : 200% after balance = deposit * 2 + 10% from deposit + 0.0005 BTC Withdrawal Type : Automatic Start : 3rd September 2016 Min deposit : 0.0005 BTC Max deposit : 0.003 BTC (Maximum deposit depends on how much active deposit and will be change...
  2. benjaminmason

    do you have any target per day.....

    of course i think its good to have daily target from trading
  3. benjaminmason

    ^ Primedice ^ The Most Popular and Trusted Bitcoin Dice Game

    why there is no advertisement for this nice game.? PRIMEDICE Provably Fair Dice Game Instant Deposit and Withdrawal No Min/Max Deposit Free Bitcoin Faucet :cool:PLAY NOW:cool:
  4. benjaminmason

    blogger vs wordpress

    wordpress more easily to get approved for adsense than blogger. 3 times i request my blog on blogger but rejected by google
  5. benjaminmason

    Hyip startup based on forex returns

    always there is risk on trading, you have to give report to investor how much your profit, transparent.
  6. benjaminmason

    Can you allow other people to trade for you.

    i never let someone trade for me, because if im lost i'll blame my self
  7. benjaminmason

    Is sports betting gambling?

    betting is gambling, because is more risky than investment
  8. benjaminmason

    PayUrl.Me |Earn on every link you shorten Up to 1.6$/1000 VISITS

    is it display ads for shorten url? because for user, its very annoying show ads everytime click on short url.
  9. benjaminmason

    clixsense - good ptc

    i can earn money from clixsense from survey. and from ads, not much. most of member earning from task from clouflower
  10. benjaminmason

    Best Auto Surf Site

    is it auto surf same as like traffic exchange?
  11. benjaminmason

    Get paid to take surveys -

    very hate when join survey and at the end i'm not qualified
  12. benjaminmason

    Do you use Bitcoin as a payment processor?

    i love to use bitcoin, i ever to pay hosting and domain with bitcoin.
  13. benjaminmason

    Coince -

    its very good program and stable. but i dont know why now we have to wait till up to 48 hours for receive payments. but i always receive payment less than 12 hours.
  14. benjaminmason

    Countdownads-hot PTC

    information not clear what you try to explain?
  15. benjaminmason

    best way to make money online

    you can read in here
  16. benjaminmason

    Learn from mistakes-Top 10 HYIP Mistakes

    this post from 2005 but still helpfull till now, thank you.
  17. benjaminmason

    25% per month pamm or 25% per month hyip! Which is better?

    depends on how much money i have, if i have much money i would go for forex
  18. benjaminmason

    Trafic exchange

    u can use free traffic exchange website
  19. benjaminmason

    Is it Risky to Invest?

    always there is a risk when decide to investing. i think forex its not investment, its trading, which more risky than invest. for me trading bitcoin more safe (from lost).
  20. benjaminmason

    Paypal or Skrill better?

    i never use skrill, because not support so much merchant