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    No deposit bonus from brokers. Any suggestions?

    I'm looking for no deposit bonus offers like this one. Please do not recommend offshore unregulated brokers, only mature legit brokers, preferably with UK license and established reputation. Discussions about special conditions of the offers are welcomed. Thanks.
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    Brokers which support BTC withdrawals

    Hello, I would like to compose a list of brokers which offer BTC as deposit and withdrawal method. For now I know only Hotforex but I need more to diversify my trading. Looking forward to your reply guys.
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    Hotforex stock CFD question

    Hey guys, anybody knows if I buy a CFD on stock with Hotforex will I receive any dividends? Can't find information about that on their website. Thanks.
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    Hotforex broker for crypto trading?

    Hi folks, Due to recent surge of popularity of bitcoin and other cryptos I want to start trading them. I have concerns about safety of cryptoexchanges so prefer to trade BTC via CFD contracts, which is offered, for example, by Hotforex. I would like to hear your opinions or experience...
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    Trading BTC with Hotforex? Is crypto alive?

    Cryptocurrencies market erased many billions last week. What's next? Does it make sense to buy BTC on dips expecting rebound or it's not a good time for making purchases? Looking forward to see your opinions guys
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    Hotforex broker Premium or Micro account?

    I'm a bit confused guys, what are the differences between two those? Should I care much about choosing between them if I have intermediate skills in trading and mostly do scalping? What's your advice?
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    What is your experience with Tickmill UK

    What is your opinion about this UK based company? I heard many positive reviews about them but want to check opinions here. Feel free to voice your suggestions please Thanks
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    Bitcoin is back - your projections

    I'm looking to open long BTCUSD trade with Hotforex. Please suggest your entry points based on fund. or technical analysis. Thanks
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    Hotforex ECN account - your experience

    Share your experience trading with this broker. How fast are execution withdrawals, any trading issues or advantages. Thanks
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    Hotforex zero spread account? Anybody tried?

    The question is in title? Need some feedback about it before I can launch my scalping EA there? Is this broker EA friendly?
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    Bitcoin trading with Hotforex

    Hey guys Help me please to calculate required margin to buy one BTC with Hotforex if it offers 1:5 leverage + spreads. What about swaps, is Buy&Hold strategy profitable considering I will be charged swaps..
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    Anybody traded bitcoins with Hotforex?

    It allows up to 1:5 leverage and has reliable regulation. Is it better than bitcoin exchanges?
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    Hotforex Vip account? Anybody have feedback?

    Guys anybody tried Hotforex Vip account? Please provide feedback as I want to open this account with them. Thanks.
  14. W - your experience&feedback

    Hey guys, Share your experience with Hotforex broker here. Account type, equity trading conditions etc. Happy New Year!
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    Hotforex contest: worth to join?

    Guys anybody tried to participate ? Can't figure out is for new clients or existing can take part as well? What about competition level? I don't have experience in such activities at all just wanted to know if it makes a sense or its...