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    No deposit bonus from brokers. Any suggestions?

    I'm looking for no deposit bonus offers like this one. Please do not recommend offshore unregulated brokers, only mature legit brokers, preferably with UK license and established reputation. Discussions about special conditions of the offers are welcomed. Thanks.
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    95% of all traders fail

    I think they fail because they can't follow simple rules such as 1. Avoid times of high volatility. 2. Keeping leverage low. 3. Choose position size in accordance with your trading capital and expected drawdown. 4. Use stop loss below or above important levels
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    0 pip broker

    It is impossible to get 0 pip spread regularly because a market maker won't work for free. Transaction costs is essential part of trading which complicates scalping. I tend to trade with low-spread brokers such as Hotforex where scalping strategies make positive return.
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    Personally I prefer to hold cryptocurrencies long-term with DELETED, going long after strong sell-off and with minimum use of leverage because volatility pretty easily kills hard-made returns :)
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    How long to trade on demo?

    I think 3 months is enough to trade solely on demo after that you can start to test waters of live trading. But nonetheless demo remains important tool for backtesting which I use extensively trading
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    For scalping you need to discover

    It is very important to know a reason for entry and exit for every trade. Only doing this way you can be sure that you follow trading system and don't trade blindly. I always trade using SL and TP with DELETED and those trades are predetermined by my trading system.
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    Brokers which support BTC withdrawals

    Thanks I will try them too for now I'm testing Hotforex and quite satisfied. I was looking for FX brokers which have regulation. Not interested in unregulated entities.
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    What are long-term investments?

    Long term investments are gold and BTC. They don't yield return but safe heavens become top choice because global instability increases.
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    Brokers which support BTC withdrawals

    Hello, I would like to compose a list of brokers which offer BTC as deposit and withdrawal method. For now I know only Hotforex but I need more to diversify my trading. Looking forward to your reply guys.
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    Possibility of forex trading

    It is perfect that forex is available for retail investors because it is an unlimited earning opportunity. Even with proper risk and money management, simple technical analysis rules can make you money.
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    How long to trade on demo?

    I think its good to trade at least 3 months on demo if your are newbie trader. Then you evaluate your progress (if your strategy is ready, if you found a good broker, if your strategy and profitable) and then you may be ready to trade on live.
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    Possibility of forex trading

    I like the possibility of fx trading because it gives freedom, ease of access, as well as unlimited earning potential. I think you can't find with other occupations.
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    Number one biggest mistake

    Yes it is not right because they start to dream about profits and forex trading doesn't forgive daydreamers or those without solid approach.
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    Is Forex your solo thing for earning?

    Forex trading is not the only source of income because it is unstable and being dependent on some unstable source of income is detrimental for trading because it will increase chances of emotional response to losses which I try to avoid.
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    Following signals

    The best signal comes from your own proprietary trading system. It is hard to find trusted signal providers, most of them are scam.
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    Forex tips

    One of the most important rules in trading is to use stop loss, I never trade without knowing the limit of my loss with advance. That's why I'm still in profit .
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    Trading exotic pairs

    Trading exotic pairs is very profitable if you know country-related edge that you can exploit. For example I like to trade Central bank meetings on USDRUB with XXXX. ADVERTISING DELETED
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    Increasing lots randomly

    Yes it is preferable to have predictable changes in your trading stakes - they should depend on the market state and current trading conditions. Choosing a lot size you should clearly realise why it is optimal for the current trade.
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    Number one biggest mistake

    Best leverage is 1:50 or 1:100 according to my experience. Judging by leverage's impact on emotions, too low leverage makes you feel hungry while with too high leverage trading becomes riding an ultra-high speed vehicle - too tough and dangerous.
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    When to start live trading

    How can you claim that? Have you personally tested all (or many of them)? What do you think about Hotforex broker?