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    Can you allow other people to trade for you.

    If I want to invest in pamm, I will know that I want to invest in pamm but I will not allow another person to trade for me. I don't know if that person who is trading already have enough skills to manage your account.
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    can you make fast money ?

    Forex trading business is not a money making machine where the trader will think that it a place to make fast money because it requires you to be patient and learn better ways in which you can trade.
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    Best Forex Teacher

    The trader should know the best way for him or her to learn. There are many ways by which the trader can learn how to trade and one of the ways in which they can trade and one of these way is for them to learn by practicing in the demo account.
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    What is your dream about forex?

    My dream about forex is for me to be able to make profit from it whenever I'm trading in the forex market. I don't have the intention to become a very high profile type of trader but to make little profit from trade.
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    Online mentor and Live

    Online mentor is more available than a live mentor but I'm sure that the one which will be more effective is the live mentor. Any body can learn on his or her own without even needing a mentor and the person will still be able to understand how to trade.
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    Forex Hedging Strategy

    I don't hedge because even with the hedging that you are doing, you can also lose and it is better when you try and safeguard your account. Risk management is what I see as more important than hedging because you can end up not getting it right.
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    Trading without Stop Loss

    The trader can trade without stop loss and he or she will still be able to make profit. What is important is that he or she knows about the way to monitor his or her trade because that is the only way you can secure your account from having huge loss without using stop loss.
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    I got 50% Bonus at OctaFX on My First Deposit in 24 Hours

    I am seeing so many of the brokers now who are giving out bonus. I saw that of mayzus and I decided to invest a small amount of $10 and got extra $8. This thing is good as it will help to boost your trading capital.
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    How Many Forex EA Have You tried ?

    Somebody who should be trying different EA is somebody who already knows how to make use of an EA very well because if you are a novice in using robot, then you won't find it funny after using the first one.
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    The most common mistakes made by newbies

    The most common mistakes which the newbie traders always make is that they try to think that is easy to make profit in this business. This thing is not something that is easy for any body including the professional traders and they should try and avoid it.
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    Digitalmoneytalk -

    You should not be hesitant to make post in here because the admin of the forum is the type who always process payment even though that the payment take time. That is why it is good to rely on the old forums like this one.
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    Meet Forex professional

    To get a forex professional is not something that is easy to achieve. There are so many traders who claim to be professional traders but they are not because they can't make it the way a professional should make it so you have to be cautious.
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    Is Forex a good option for Students to earn Pocket Money?

    Any body can earn from trading in the forex market whether he or she is a student or not. The thing that will be more important is whether that person is a good trader. The students can trade here and make profit any time.
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    When do you start forex?

    I started forex with the aim to make small profit from it and not to take it as a place where I can rely for making huge profit and that is the reason I always prefer to trade less. I don't use it as my major thing and I don't give it long term success so much.
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    7 Things you must know when choosing a HYIP

    That will be true for some of the hyips and for some of them too, it may not be true because there are many people who invested in hyip and the hyip will turn scam that day without them having a single withdrawal. Hyip is a risky place to put your money.
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    Fxfred -

    I'm sure that the reason why the contest has not been released will be because the mod silenteyes may not be around because we have already passed the first friday of the new month which is when the result should be released.
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    Will your lifestyle change if you achieve success in forex?

    The target that the trader will have is going to depend on the amount of capital which he or she is trading with. If the trader is the type that invested small capital and was able to make big profit, I'm sure that his or her lifestyle is going to change for the good.
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    Digitalcashpalace -

    I guess I will have to give up posting in this forum because of the scrip because I have tried to use very different means to post here but I couldn't. Maybe some other time when the script is changed, I can continue posting here again and be able to earn from it.
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    Our own experience is our best teacher...

    It is true. When we learn with our own experience and by ourselves, we are going to understand it in a more better way. It is the best thing for the trader to be able to learn about trading in forex in his or her own way in other to cope very well with it.
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    IAFT -

    I'm sure the admin is not giving deduction the way he used to give it before because I can now see that some people are getting more points here without any reduction. That is fine and that is the reason the activities is increasing more and more.