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    Yes, this site is not good.
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    PTCircle -

    I just received the payment ptcirle admintól.
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    clixsense - good ptc

    Today I was given a survey and $ 1.2-t.
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    Payza aka Alert Pay

    You may be right. Thanks for the reply.
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    I have a lot of surveys.
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    The rule is 1,000 points, and you get dollars.
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    PTCircle -

    We have already passed one month and still have not received dollars.
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    Neobux -

    It's true. I'm just a standard member. This site pays instantly if they reach the limit.
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    PTCircle -

    It's true! I still feel. 1 month no pay.
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    88Clix -

    Unfortunately, I do likewise? I signed up and did not let on. EMAIL not respond.
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    I do not know because I do not even ask for payment.
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    I have not received another questionnaire
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    PTCircle -

    Next time I will ask for Skrill payment.
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    PTCircle -

    Yes. I have to wait 25 days.
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    MyTrafficValue -

    Thank you for your response.
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    PTCircle -

    Ego is 15 days, but I have 25 days and not paid.
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    So be it. Thank you.
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    PTCircle -

    I can not wait because I have not paid. June 27
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    Yes! Send me a lot. but still 230 points.