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  1. salmanrashid

    GangsterBet -

    This is basically very simple game. You just choose Knife or Pistol and bet using your liberty reserve account. If you win, you will get 220% of your total bettings.
  2. salmanrashid -- Earn a lot of money instantly.

    This is basically a flip coin game. You choose head or tail and if you win, the money is transferred to your liberty reserve account instantly. As you can see there are two options i.e. Head or Tail. So, the changes to win are 50-50. The best thing is that if you win, they pay you 250%...
  3. salmanrashid Has anyone tried this.

    I bet on this website few times. But mostly I lost. Has anyone tried this flip coin website? Is is scam and tricks members?
  4. salmanrashid

    Recommended PTC websites

    Cashcrate and PTCBox are my recommendations to check out if you are looking for some new sites.
  5. salmanrashid

    Does really pay

    I found this website on internet. It is just like another PTC website. I just want to know before working whether they really pay or they are just like other scam websites.
  6. salmanrashid

    Any good PTC PTP Site

    Can anyone suggest some good sites. I'm still doing PTC and PTP. Donkey, Matrix Mails, PTC Box, PTC00, Jills Clicks Corner.
  7. salmanrashid

    I heard that they really pay. But I guess that most paid surveys are available for US and UK servers only.
  8. salmanrashid

    Blacklist Paid Surveys

    Amp Survey A.w. Survey Email Survey Emailform Emarket Panel Franklin Survey Highest Paid Surveys Home Jobs Directory Inbox Sponsors It`is Your Opinion Paid Expressions Paid Survey Topia Paid Marketing Panel Paid Surveys At Home Paid Surveys Online Panda Research...
  9. salmanrashid


    Investment Plans: Up to 112% after 1 day Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%) Plan 1 $1 - $120 110.00 Plan 2 $121 - $10,000 112.00 Up to 142% after 3 days Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%) Plan 1 $50 - $120 136.00 Plan 2 $121 - $10,000 142.00 Up to 5% ref. commission...
  10. salmanrashid

    Marketiva AGEA forex trading.

    Has anywork worked at Marketiva forex trading company? I heard alot about them that they are very good if you want to begin your forex trading business.
  11. salmanrashid

    Do not bet on liberty reserve games

    I have tried to bet on a few liberty reserve gambling games. These websites let you win on your first bettings but after that you continually lose your money. These websites trick users. Please do not wast your money on them. Instead, find PTC websites or...
  12. salmanrashid

    Buy / Sell Liberty Reserve in Pakistan

    I was looking for a way to cashout liberty reserve dollars in Pakistan. I have searched alot and finally found a good exchanger to buy or sell liberty reserve dollars. I have sold my liberty reserves to them and their services is good. Here is their website.