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  1. muddasar70

    earn money from metacafe

    Metacafe is a good source to earn money by uploading videos just like youtube. The criteria to earn money here is to upload a video and after that your video should get 20,000 views to get you earning. Once you receive 20,000 views you will get 100$ in your account and you will receive 5$ per...
  2. muddasar70

    100$ per month

    Hi everybody, Please tell me some real methods to earn about 100$ per month. Please don't mention PTC sites or paid to complete offers.i have tried them earlier but failed.article writing sites mostly pay via paypal and paypal is not accepted in my country.
  3. muddasar70

    weloveforums -

    Here i present another paid forum site where you work as freelancer forum posting and fill orders for their clients. But they have some strict rules so qualifying them is little difficult.You have to post each comment of at least 25 words according to their standards. Very high pay rates of...
  4. muddasar70

    copy-Paste From one forum to other

    hello everyone! for a few days a question is wandering in my mind, that is can i copy my own original threads from one forum site and paste it to other forums.Do any other site have terms or services regarding to copy-paste of original contents?
  5. muddasar70

    Free Webhosting vs shared web hosting

    Hi all, I want to know the benefits and drawbacks of both free web hosting and shared web hosting. Soon i am deciding to make a blog so should i choose shared web hosting or free one. i need to know that how much traffic a shared web hosting could handle, please mention daily page views and...
  6. muddasar70

    cashadda provides multiple opportunities to earn money like; pay per click, pay to complete offers and tasks and earn from their referrals system also. earn up to 0.04$ per click earn up to 5$ per offers you can earn also from their rented referrals. minimum 0.01$ payout via paypal and 1$...
  7. muddasar70

    Ipuservices is a the most easiest way to earn money online.Its a "Idle Processor Utilization services" where you sell your processing power of your computer in idle time and earn money. you just need to register at their site and download their software, leave your computer on and you will earn...
  8. muddasar70

    A very high paid to post forum site where you get up to 0.15$ per new thread, and you will earn 0.01$ per post reply more over get 0.5$ signup bonus. you can also display google adsense ads and make more money.
  9. muddasar70

    socailmediaexplode is basically an affiliate program where you will earn 25% and up to 50% per sale but they also have a forum where you can earn money by posting on forum. any one can participate and the pay rates per post are anywhere from 0.01$ to 1$. that's a huge pay rate but the payment...
  10. muddasar70

    Here is a survey site where you express your opinion about their products and they have a point based system by which you redeem those points for cash and rewards. Truepanel is little different than other survey sites, here you have to complete surveys which are conducted online through video...
  11. muddasar70

    Triond is just like bubblews and its an ad sharing program where you post anything about poetry and literature, business, sports, travel, health and many have to post your original contents i.e free of copy paste.triond will publish your contents to many other websites(publishing...
  12. muddasar70

    Here is the ultimate online survey directory where surveys are listed for countries like; USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Asia Pacific, Europe, Australia, Middle East/Africa, and worldwide.
  13. muddasar70

    Here is an Easy and Free way to get monster traffic to your website. This is an automated way to get free traffic so you just need to signup there and make few setups which takes no more than 5 minutes and then see the magic.More traffic equals more visitors and more visitors equals more...
  14. muddasar70

    A legitimate paid survey company with a point system earning. You will earn points for taking surveys which are convertible to cash/gifts. points: dollar: 3000 : 1$ Minimum payout equals to 20$. You will get paid via check. This site is opened to...
  15. muddasar70

    Here is a nice paid to post forum site. You will earn up to 0.02$ per post. You will earn up to 0.5$ per referrals. get 1$ signup bonus...! good thing is that there is no limit to post. Payment processor : paypal (minimum payout 10$) join here:
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    "fanbox" - ""

    Here is an amazing opportunity to earn large money without having a website or a blog.create simple blog post or fan page just like you do in facebook at fanbox. The more people visit your blog post the more you will earn. Top earning members: member: Earned: Arlene...
  17. muddasar70

    "SurveyHead" - ""

    Here is a very good survey site: The site give you 5$ signup bonus. Fill out few profile surveys and earn 10-25 cents. Other surveys don't take more than 15-20min per survey. Unfortunately no Referrals system available. They offers magazines subscriptions depending on your country residence...