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    Follow Goldpoll on Twitter

    Hello. We are glad to provide our twitter account: Follow us on twitter (@goldpollmonitor) to get news and other information about HYIPs. Jeff
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    DDoS Protection Service #2

    We are happy to announce that we've came to a special agreement with Vistnet Corporation and now we can offer their DDoS Protection service to the HYIP industry again. Unfortunately Vistnet doesn't accept payments through Liberty Reserve, but you can buy the service by the following way: 1)...
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    The Very Sad News

    Unfortunately we've lost our moderator, our forum guru and our Friend! He was the best and he will be always with us.. This is the latest email from Jim's (Jambutty) daughter Tina Buckley: Rest In Peace Jim! We will miss you..
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    Paid Advertising On GoldenTalk's Pages

    Hello Friends. Finally we've took a decision to open advertising offers on our forum. It was not easy to make a change of our forum conception, but, you know - life is changing.. Of course some of you like to see the forum with no advertising inside, but this is necessary action in order to...
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    Bitcoin P2P Digital Currency

    Please visit the Bitcoin wiki, for all your Bitcoin information needs:
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    Is there a member of HYIP?

    Hello. If you are an active member of HYIP, please contact me via PM, email or our contact form. We need your assistance in our investigation. Thank you. Jeff
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    Global Digital Pay

    This thread is for Global Digital Pay - - issues only. Don't start a new thread for this payment processor.
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    Landed Money Investment -

    I'm not the admin "On Landed Money Investment, we want your investment to grow bigger." Short program details: payouts: 1.4-3% daily! min deposit: $4 max deposit: $50,000 referral bonus: 4% Visit the site for more details. Goldpoll's rating:
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    Fx-Focus -

    - I'm not the admin "Our goal is not only establishing a mutually beneficial long-term trading relationship with our investors and earning big money.." Short program details: payouts: 22.5-31.25% daily! min deposit: $10 max deposit: $10,000 referral bonus: 5% Visit the site for more...
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    Direct Result -

    I'm not the admin Direct Result Inc. An incorporated company in the Republic of Seychelles. The company came as a result of years of planning. With the mandate to operate as a private business, DirectResult.Net operates in forex, bonds, stocks, and investments in various activities...
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    Hello Friends. Here is a new program (LiteFund HYIP, please note that I'm not the admin), offers daily and weekly payments. Visit for more details. To check Goldpoll's rating, visit - Jeff
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    Market Hunter

    This thread about Market Hunter HYIP. The program offers several investment offers with total return up to 280%. Visit for more details. Goldpoll's rating -
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    Heaven Investment

    Heaven Investment HYIP is a short term program, offers one investment plan: - 104% after 1 day and 4% as referral bonus. Visit for more details. Goldpoll's rating:
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    Capital Turnover

    Capital Turnover HYIP offers 2 investment plans with daily and weekly payments. Minimum deposit is $5, 5% referral commision. Visit for more details. Goldpoll's rating:
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    Vault Investment -

    Hello, here is a new program for discussion on the forum. Hope that their administrator will visit the thread soon. A short program information: payouts: 1.2-1.8% daily! min deposit: $10 max deposit: $99,999 referral bonus: 5% acceptable e-currencies: Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve...
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    Terrian Investments -

    Hi Friends. Here is another program whose admin has decided to create a thread on our forum. Some program details: payouts: 7% weekly for 10 weeks! min deposit: $10 max deposit: $2,500 referral bonus: 5% acceptable e-currencies: LR , PM Terrian Investments HYIP is being monitored...
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    Soybean Funds -

    Here is another new program - Soybean Funds. A short program review: Min. deposit: $10; Max. deposit: n/a; Weekly profits during 25 weeks. Visit to find more. Goldpoll's rating:
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    Exotic Fund

    Here is a new program. Min Deposit: $ 5 Max Deposit: $ 50,000 Daily profits: 1-3% within 20-60 days! 5% referral program; Visit for more details. To check our rating - please visit
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    GoldPoll is looking for your ideas

    Hi friends! GoldPoll is looking for your ideas for the rating system innovations. Do you experience a lack of any service, do you want to get something new implemented? What kind of services you would like to see in the future? So put forward your ideas, let's build the fairest system together...
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    4FxFund HYIP

    Please be careful. This program is situated in our BLACKLIST, but their "RateUs" page contains fake copy of our banner with the "paying" status. It confirms a fraudulent activity of this HYIP. Jeff