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    PMF -

    Hello, Good to hear about another forum posting website like I am new to forum posting type of work and I hope to join as many such sites as possible. Being an Indian, I will like to know if this site has any particular restrictions for members from different countries.
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    Postloop -

    Postloop is a good website for forum posting. They pay well for every forum post and so they have kept a strict initial review process for selecting candidates who can post in their forums. I did try once by writing 10 test forum posts, but, I got rejected after the review process. I plan to...
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    Get paid to take surveys -

    Hello, I have been looking for good online survey sites that pay Indians as well. I came across surveysavvy site and wanted to know about this site from the regular users. Does surveysavvy have surveys for Indians as well? If yes, do they pay well? Kindly share your experience here.
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    Hello, I did join Toluna survey site and I was allowed to join it despite me being an Indian. I used a different link for Toluna survey site which is "‎". I did manage to get couple of survey offers, but, I couldn't complete them as the quota for those surveys were over...