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    Is this time to sell bitcoin?

    I guess so, USD would rise but I think it would happen ... next few years :)
  2. J

    Is this time to sell bitcoin?

    When I tried to find information about Bitcoin today, I found this article, it seems interesting: FINANCE PROFESSOR: Bitcoin Will Crash To $10 By Mid-2014 Do you think so?:)
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    You are right, Paypal has its own rules but how about this (from Wikipedia):
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    Paypal has been criticized by a lot of people mostly due to accounts frozen as well as no return of fund but it's still the most popular payment processor. @Adil007, such comparison doesn't sound logical.
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    A.W. Surveys pays "selectively" in order to make it look legit, but it's not better than a scam.
  6. J

    Digitalcashpalace -

    I think that is not an actual reason, but we'd better wait and see what's next instead of wasting time on guessing here.
  7. J

    Neobux -

    @Decub You didn't read my post carefully. So far I've only mentioned everything related to Neobux.
  8. J

    Neobux -

    @Decub It is because of you, my friend. I guess you never visit Neobux's forum as well as see some members completing 100 - 200 tasks per day, and few days ago, I completed each task (3 - 4 cents per one) in maximum 5 minutes (find product prices, brands) Neobux pays members for doing each...
  9. J

    Neobux -

    @adil007, so you think spending more time on clicking advertisements (0.1 cent per one) is more worth? Neobux is a PTC website, tell me how much you want to earn from it per day? 3$ - 5$ without making investment? By the way, if somebody here wants to say that earning money through posting in...
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    Neobux -

    In my opinion, 3 cents is enough for such jobs as you just only work in few minutes. I don't know why you don't feel satisfied, I tried to find many sites but only Neobux offer a highest pay rate. Additionally, it's more worth than clicking advertisements.
  11. J

    Neobux -

    I wonder if people here know this. I did believe that earning in Neobux was very difficult: nothing to do except click advertisements and rent referrals. Some days ago, I came back and found there is another way that I think it is good, it's doing mini jobs. I often earn 1 cent per task that...
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    bulkmoneyforum -

    I asked administrator about payment delay and he said he would try to pay member in the middle of the month. It means payments are made once a month:)
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    Market Glory.

    There is someone who claims that market glory is a scam and the administrator is suspected to own Anno1777 and GoldenTowns. I'm not sure but it's still paying and unlike two sites above, there are many payment proofs from market glory which can be founded easily on the internet. It's very...
  14. J (formerly known as KeyForCash)

    Your friend were so lucky. I tried evaluation many times and my current percentile is 99th but I haven't received any invitation yet.
  15. J

    Market Glory.

    You will earn virtual currency but you are eligible to convert it to real cash (Euro). If you don't have referral nor make investments, it could take you months to achieve the average earning of 0.2 - 0.5 EUR per day.
  16. J

    Market Glory.

    Nope, market glory doesn't require members to invest but so as to increase earnings, few ones has already made hundreds euros investments.
  17. J

    Probux.Com--- Never Invest There

    @awesome123 First, Probux is still paying (I don't say it's legit) and as moderator stated: Second, you don't need to argue with anybody who says Probux is not scam because you are telling your experience, you gave warning but people have choice to believe or ignore it. Why don't you visit...
  18. J

    Traffic Exchange site.

    You can visit this site: Most popular TE programs are listed in there and the rank is updated daily. There is another good TE program and it has been online since 2001:
  19. J

    donkeymails - PTC

    If you only make money via reading advertising mails then it's really difficult for you to reach minimum payout. Why don't you try PTS or PTP? It's not hard to earn 4 cents per day via promoting PTP page.
  20. J

    Anno 1777

    Unlike Market Glory, I hardly find any payment proof from member from this site, someone says that Anno1777 is a scam. Anyways, I don't like to see this: It doesn't has forum, which makes me wonder if this site is still active.