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    Get Paid $0.30 Per Post.

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    we can actually make it on the internet

    the pains of most people on the internet is the inability to be patient when actually working on the internet. we need to dedicate more time in our ventures.
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    pay to post not a good or encouraging methods of making money online.

    if you have participated in pay to post forums, you will agree with me that it will not really give you the desired income needed if that is the only business you do online.
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    Get paid to trade forex

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    Get Free Capital Up To $200 To Trade With

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    Get Paid To Trade Forex

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    where to make $20 daily

    I know many will call this scam, but i must tell that its no scam. am among the folks that call things, scam on the internet, but after a long research i came across this, i am not asking anybody to pay money for it, its free of charge... just visit
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    This site pays five dollar bonus for a free sign up. The beauty of it lies with the fact that the account is protected. To get the bonus, visit and open a micro account.
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    why pay to participate in surveys

    this question is what i keep asking myself. why do sites ask members to pay simply to participate in surveys? then why do free surveys eventually become a scam.
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    does the market no longer follow the trend?

    well this is amazing, after an indepth analysis of the market and acurate results, the market did'nt still obey the trend, instead it went the opposite direction..please can somebody help...
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    $3 Per Each Refferal -

    hey pips, this is a wonderful opportunity to make money for yourselves. stumbled this site yesterday, though its a dating and social network, but they pay members who participate in their affiliate program $3 per every unique signup they get. the payment threshhold is $50 dollar and they pay...
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    antivirus refusing installation in pc

    i have been browsing with my pc without an antivirus installed in it after formatting, recently, when i finally decide to install antivirus, its not successful, pls what do i do.
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    SCALPING! The best way to protect your investment

    This style of trading practically involves trading with slightest moves in the price. For instance, a trader with $100 investment, enters the market with a lot size of 1.0 he would be expected to make $1 in any price movement, imagine the price moved ten pips, he would be making $10 within 15...
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    how much can one earn from betting?

    this question is neccesary because of the experience had with one of the betting sites, the situation was that i bet with $1 expecting a win of additional $1 but none of such happened even when the odds was in my favour.
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    exchange lr to pm at good rates

    please where can exchange libertyreserve to perfect money at an affordable and good rates. imean, for instance if you have 5 liberty reserve where can you change it to 5.1 perfect money. i have seen some but they have unfavourable rates.
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    Read Mails For Cash

    Are there any ptr site that pay at least from 0.50 dollar daily and as well sends mails at least four mails or more per day. Please alert me.
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    Pay To Read??

    I STUMBLED upon this site just this afternoon, they claim to be offering members ten mails daily and each mail worth about $0.50. the mode of payment is PayPal. the link the link to the site is this, they appeaer real cos i have seen them online before now.
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    Paid Photography Online?

    Surfing the eb has exposed me to lots of online biz, but during y surfing, i have not come across anything like paid photography,except on adverts. need a link on ho to sell images online and be paid.
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    at first i thought its one those sites with lot of promises that bothers on payments, when i really told friends about it some almost discouraged e from going further with the program. i persisted till i reach the minimum payout, which is $75. within three working days my funds was transferred...