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  1. jcptc304

    The Best Deal Yet -

    I'm not the admin! I don't know if this can be included here in manual ROI surfers section. But it's the same - Paid for viewing ads! Earn Between $25 - $35 Per Hour Viewing Ads! At The Best Deal Yet you can earn $25 - $35 per hour just for participating in our pilot scheme and viewing...
  2. jcptc304

    Social Safelist -

    I'm not the admin! Hello There, I found a wonderful site & it just opened.... you need to get there fast as a freakin' stampede is going on. You can be a part of it or, well, stand by the sidelines and watch it go by you! If you aren't using SocialSafelist, you should go today...
  3. jcptc304

    Pro FX Partner -

    This hyip was already declared scam by many monitors and forums. I'm also one of the victims of this hyip. They paid me twice and the other withdrawal requested is still pending and not processed by the admin. i withdraw my principal but the admin instead was reinvested. DON'T INVEST HERE...
  4. jcptc304

    Centurion Assets -

    I'm not the admin! INVESTMENT PLANS: Polaris Fund Investment Amount: $10 - $2999 Interest: 1.7% Daily Period: 30 Calendar Days Antares Fund Investment Amount: $3000 - $6499 Interest: 1.9% Daily Period: 30 Calendar Days Sirius Fund Investment Amount: $6500 - $9999...
  5. jcptc304

    MAHIFund -

    I'm not the admin! Malcom Arsley Holding Incorporate is a private trading company since 2009, speciliazed in funds managements for private investors. is the full property and a registered brand of Malcom Arsley Holding Inc. Using website's, we are offering a variant...
  6. jcptc304

    Serious Online Investments

    I am investing online for quite sometimes now. I'm in PTCs and Autosurfs before; and now on HYIPs. I was scam many times before and even now thru various kind of online investments. I'm totally fed up seeing daily scams online. I have some money to invest but I don't want to be scam and I...
  7. jcptc304

    investcareonline -

    I'm not the admin! Investment Plans: Level 1: 4% daily for 40 bus. days $10 - $1,000 Level 2: 4.5% daily for 40 bus. days $1,001 - $10,000 Level 3: 5% daily for 40 bus. days $10,001 - N/A Accepts LR,PM and AP 5% Refcom Automated deposits and withdrawals SSL encrypted...
  8. jcptc304

    Alpari Trade -

    I search and found nothing here! I am not the admin. About this HYIP: Nice script and designs with website securities also(Comodo SSL and Dragonara). Looks very promising! Its investment plans are attractive but it has a little higher daily interest of 1.9% to 2.2% daily with a quite...
  9. jcptc304

    Oil Financiers -

    I searched but did not find one! I am not the admin: Investment Plans: 1.6% for 10 days Minimal $10 1.8% for 20 days Mimimal $50 2% for 30 days Minimal $100 2.2% for 45 days Minimal $500 2.5% for 60 days Minimal $1000 Accepts LR and PM DDoS Protected No ssl...
  10. jcptc304

    Affluenceway -

    My payments from Affluenceway! Thanks AW admin! :D Date: 2011-06-03 14:17:47 Batch: 56645229 From Account: U8665247 Amount: $0.40 Memo: Withdraw from Date: 2011-04-03 10:18:37 Batch: 56512762 From Account: U8665247 Amount: $0.40 Memo: Withdraw from
  11. jcptc304

    flex life -

    This one must consider as scam now! Many investors here never got payments lately. All payment processors are empty now and no payment have been made for the last 2 days now. Almost all monitors rated this one as SCAM/PROBLEM! Please be warned and refrain from investing here! :jitters:
  12. jcptc304

    Unioncapital -

    I'm not the admin!
  13. jcptc304

    Touchfunds -

    I'm not admin For me, the script is not well-designed and has no ssl encryption. I don't know if it's truly has ddos protection also. Has no rating page for monitors. But in fairness, the plan is good and has only $5 to start investment. The 45 day term is not that long for 1.8% daily...
  14. jcptc304

    forexcompanyonline -

    Seems a real hyip who invested in real online forex complete with its daily forex results, video, etc. But lately the admin could not pay investors due to the some reasons on alleged forex requirements. The admin is requiring to invest additional so that they can withdraw. Good thing I did not...
  15. jcptc304

    Sure Profit Forever -

    I'm not the admin!, a new revolution of Auto-surf. Only with you can Start making money within 5 minutes, It doesn't matter who you are because this is a proven system that consistently produces results every single time. A system that goes to work...
  16. jcptc304

    Develop-Pioneers -

    I'm not the admin: Develop Pioneers Inc is a proprietary capital management firm with office in Geneva. Founded in Switzerland in 2005, our firm was built by a core team with decades of experience in trading, software development, and financial modeling. The founders share entrepreneurial...
  17. jcptc304

    macauinvestgrioup -

    I'm not the admin! MACAUinvestgroup is for those who want to enjoy high returns of casino investments without risking there money in gambles and other risks of casinos. No we don't gamble with your money. We are the investment partners in some of the leading casino houses in MACAU and we...
  18. jcptc304

    Forex-Parking Investments Pvt.Ltd -

    I'm not the admin! I came accross on this one. I don't know if this is not a scam or legitimate investment site. I saw and read many positive comments and praises. Investors claims/payments there are large enough to convince anybody. Are there members here who invested on this one? Please...
  19. jcptc304

    investvipforex -

    I'm not the admin! is the new way towards making money We work in many areas of science and medical, industrial and investment also we trading in forex We want to increase the capital of our company in order to achieve the development of scientific and productive...
  20. jcptc304

    cashmillioner -

    I'm not the admin! Started/opened Feb 1, 2011 We are glad to welcome you on our web page. CashMillioner offers you excellent opportunity to increase your assets and obtain financial freedom. Our investment project is managed by a group of experienced traders. Your funds are involved in...