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    Their introduction of several innovations designed to facilitate trading for their clients like FXOptimax, a social trading platform that help to network all of FXOptimax traders together. The company is one of two which uses such a system, the other being eToro, in the Forex industry.
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    Adsense journey- Earn $5 or more daily for asking and answering questions

    Many websites use AdSense to monetize their content , it is the most popular advertising network. Thumbs UP
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    Free Webhosting vs shared web hosting

    Shared web hosting. This is generally the most economical option for hosting, as many people share the overall cost of server maintenance comes down.
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    Error in post counts

    Thanks indeed i am newbee here and really liking and appreciating the support and help i am getting from the moderators here.
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    clixsense - good ptc

    There are very few ads that offer 0.01$ for clicking those advertisements others mostly offer 0.001$ per ad clicking.Minimum payout for paypal and payza users is 6$.
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    unibet or bet365

    Bet365 is one of the UK and Europe's leading betting and gaming companies. Bet365 Sportsbook offers betting lines on almost every sport and on line betting opportunity on the planet!
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    First of all Paypal is not supported in Pakistan, because Pakistani Banks don't support payments through Paypal.So simply Paypal services are not available in pakistan.
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    Error in post counts

    Thank you so much betsybee for the information. Regards
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    Error in post counts

    Yes i have read and hopefully understood the general rules and terms and the conditions regarding validating and invalidating the posts being made by us. Spamming,post chasing and posting non informative stuff is not acceptable.
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    Error in post counts

    I am not sure what went wrong but now my posts are not even getting counted they are showing the same number of posts earlier even when i am making new posts.
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    Where to invest?

    PTC and PTP sites and some other sites which are offering you rewards for taking surveys. These are some of the best and legit options to earn money online.
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    Daily new and exciting surveys-clixsense

    The amount rewarded is fair enough for the surveys in which you participate, more surveys will be offered to you depending on the authenticity of the answers you give. Thumbs UP
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    Earn $10 for making five simple posts -

    $10 happyminercoupon , this seems like a scam because where people are advertising some fancy things where they offer attractive chances to earn in a day by doing such simple tasks like here earn 10 $ by posting in 5 active forums.
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    Which is the best currency exchange?

    Every E currency has their own conversion rates with one another, and the amount of commission involved will depend on the e money exchanger and the exchange rates at which he will exchange the e money for you.
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    Error in post counts

    My post counts are getting decreased automatically, why this is happening. i understand that if i post irrelevant and off topic contents that you will not count. Just a little more awareness would be highly appreciated. Admin
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    It’s a girl – no it’s not it’s a boy!

    male : the females i know get on the computer use the internet to do shopping and spending some (more) bucks instead of earning.
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    Autosurf Operators

    They are capable of bringing a large amount of traffic to the advertised websites.
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    +++ Please Read Before You Post Again!! +++

    As i am new in the hyip world this post information was very useful, that was very kind of you moderator. the rules are very easy to understand
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    $5 bonus -

    ipoll is a good site ,you can have a stable income by taking 4 -5 surveys in a day.
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    What Motivates You to Earn Money?

    Once you start earning some money, that experience will motivate you yourself and will push motivate you yourself to earn more money than the last time you earned.