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    Today's payout... They have also trading reports ...look on their FB profile... FB-umafunds On Money-Evolution monitor status PAYING ME-umafunds On Goldpoll monitor status WAITING Goldpoll-umafunds
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    Hello ...i am not admin. UMAfunds <==JOIN... UMA Funds is a Private Investment Club that launched its program in April 2010. Our intention is to manage investments for individuals, partnerships and other clients globally. We seek to consistently provide investors with exceptional...
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    Prelaunch Malaysia (make money for free)

    Prelaunch Malaysia (make money for free) JOIN the project
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    Some new...stuf

    i found something new and interesting... it might be worth to follow that investigation ;) !
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    Carbon Central Network Pty Ltd Carbon credits are like certificates that represent a reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Projects that prevent the generation of greenhouse gases or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere earn these credits which can, in turn then be sold to...
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    Presentation... (Registration)
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    ForexFREE (200$ for free)

    ForexFREE (200$ for free) Some big investor is making a ofer to us ....we can't loose
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    FX bot (managed accounts)

    Investment program involves three parties: 1.) Mig Bank- Swiss Bank (Rating (AAA+) ) & Trading Platform Additionally MIG Bank is a sponsor of Formula 1 Team Mercedes 2.) Credit Suisse, established 1854 is...
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    Forexmacro - are you investing in Forexmacro?

    Estimado Cliente : Gracias a nuestro equipo de ingenieros de seguridad electr?nica ForexMacro ha implementado una nueva plataforma segura con los mas alto niveles de confiabilidad y seguridad, adaptada a los nuevos par?metros que la SBO (Security Banking Online), denominado como los mas...
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    Hey some news... i hope to withstand some time... Plans are good, long term and stable...try it.... Min. 5$.... They ofer..... Stict pay, ALERTPAY and LR And network of referals for 5 :flying: :flying: :flying:
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    Holding Investors and Tranders S.A. (Holdingint)

    I am opening a new topic....story with Vanfunds came to an end and continues here ... (waiting for new platform) Every thing from Vanfunds (investment,balance,history,netvork....) will be copied to the new company... About us Founded in 1976...
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    10 reasons why you should choose Vandior for your investment needs Take a few minutes of your time now to help lead to great rewards for a lifetime with Vandior! This is the best first step you can take on your way to a better financial future. 1 - Phenomenal Performance During the last...
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    Hallo Ich mochte nicht zu lang sein wenn jemand intreresse hat zum detali beschreibung des projektes mochte mich bite kontaktiren an PM oder mail Besreibung des projektes.... Čao :flying: :flying:
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    Estoy abriendo un nuevo tema. El proyecto que tenemos en la búsqueda de datos es el Grupo de la Primera Guerra Mundial corp! El programa es similar a FFX y MYTIRN, por supuesto, con ciertas diferencias, no copia! Características específicas del programa en comparación con FFX y MYIRN son...
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    102 CAPITALfund

    Hola gente, aquí debería unirse, es altamente recomendable. Ya más de 45 días, siempre vale la pena y sólo tiene buenas críticas.
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    102 CAPITALfund

    Hallo Leute, hier solltet ihr mitmachen, der ist sehr zu empfehlen. Läuft schon über 45 Tage, zahlt immer aus und hat auch nur gute Bewertungen.
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    102 CAPITALfund

    I haw bin payed now for 40 days and still going...
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    I'm opening a new topic. The project we have search out in details is the WWI Group corp! The program is similar to FFX and MYTIRN, of course, with certain differences, not copy! Specific features of the program in comparison to FFX and MYIRN are the following: - Investment plans...
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    Haw invested 4. days ago and today was my 3 payout....nice (admin - Jeff can you tel me were to post paying memo...thanks)