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  1. Joycezhu

    Shopping at internet

    Hi all. Do you ever buy something at internet? If me,i am always buy something at internet. Why? Not because i am always shopping but because i dont know how to use the money in LR or paypal i get. Just go to point. I always buy something like usb reader,mp3 player ect at the...
  2. Joycezhu

    Total earning

    Hi friends. What is your total earning at past aug? If me maybe is get more then $ 20. It is from hyip site and ptp site. So how about you? Please share. Thank you.
  3. Joycezhu


    Yeah. Weekend is come again. We can get some break from our job. So what is your activity when holiday? If me just like usual day. Studying ,working and browsing at internet to earn some extra money. -_-" how about you guys? ;)
  4. Joycezhu

    Need LR

    Friends. I have paypal and i want to exchanges into liberty reserve. Maybe about $ 20 or more i want to exchange into LR. Who want to exchanges?
  5. Joycezhu

    Earning site.

    Hi friends. Just want to know. Besides at here PTP site. What kind of another earning site you join and already get paid in these site? If me. I got paid from a lot of PTP site. Another is from paying social networking. And then in hyip site. So how about you? Just share your experience. I will...