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    about an exchange scammy

    i have seen such post before,i almost fall victim of this trash,i will also advice other people to beware of this post so that they will not fall victim of this post
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    Project Training for MCA

    this is a wonderful program,it is a life transforming program,i like such a program,it make you become an expert in information technology
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    Benson Union - bensonunion.Net

    this is an interesting site,it is a great opportunity to make money this year the only problem with most h yip is that they do not last for long time,if only they can last long the better it is for investors to invest for long time
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    Earn Extra $3000.00 a month promoting online stores 1 post

    this is an opportunity to make money int he new year i am interested in this offer i will join as soon as possible
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    i agree with you,many sites do not have integrity,they have lost their value because they want to make money through scam i will avoid them
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    this is a real online survey that pays the only problem with this site is that most offers are given to the resident of this site to take part
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    Epic Royal Fund

    it is a good way of making money,it will be a good thing if they can stay long on the internet,i will join as soon as possible
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    Duxbux -

    this is very interesting it is worth trying it is an opportunity for making money online i will give it a trial
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    autopilotcash started

    this is a good money making site,i am interested in this type of opportunity,it is very important that this site should have a long term plan to pay its investor
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    Europlay Casino Playtech $20 no deposit bonus

    this is a great opportunity but the problem is that most of this bonus is only given to the resident of the country the site is located,that is the problem i would have love to join as a nigeria but they may not give me the bonus
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    Money Talk World -

    i think this site lack some thing i personally do not like,it is not a good site for me to take part,i have not been posting for sometime in this site,all to check this morning that i have been banned without reason for it i think this is not a good site for me i do not know of other people...
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    Get paid for the view of yours.

    cashcrate is a great site that pays but they do not give offer to other countries except us residents that makes it difficult to earn from them as an international person
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    PrimusHub -

    this is a good site for marketing,it is good to have such a site because any product or service need a good marketing strategy
  14. S - good betting site (accpets liberty reserve) is a good betting site the only problem is that you must understand the game you want to play,the way to ply it and make money,it is good to try something before condemning it
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    Scam Recovery Votes on GoldPoll

    i agree with you,i have seen so many of this type of post i will be careful so as not to fall victim
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    Uinvest (with Video Chat Support)

    uinvest is a good site according to my friend who is using the site ihave registered with the site but i have not invested,i will give it a trial since it is worth trying
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    Usa Forex Trading -

    i believe that some hyip pays their investors,it is a good thing to try something,you cannot condemn something you have not tried before.
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    regenano -

    hyip is the best place to make money and it is the best place to lose money,it is wise to invest a little amount of money to test if a site is real or not
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    InvestmentProjective -

    it is a good way to make money but there is need for a thorough research on this site because people are tired of investment including me,there is a need for trust and sincerity that a business should have
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    Hello everyone.

    you are welcome to this great online forum where you share your opinion on any issue concerning online business,this is a great avenue to earn extra income