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  1. Joycezhu - Paid To Post Forum!

    Hello. Are you a admin sir? It is look still a new paid to post forum. Already have 336 member when i post this comment. But still little member who post a thread and comment. Later i will check it again.
  2. Joycezhu

    Liberty Reserve

    I still have $368 in Lr account :( after read news about athur owner of Liberty reserve is arrested, it make me down. But today I read if admin's of lr is "Allan Garcia". It make me feel some hope if Lr will back soon. Some of them said that Lr just changing their server, some of them said Lr...
  3. Joycezhu

    MakeHourlyProfit -

    My $62 withdrawal still pending. From 10 may till today. Already send them email but no respon. Maybe they using my principal to paying another. Scam!!
  4. Joycezhu

    Liberty Reserve

    I hate their service. They never care about their customer problem. I have trouble to login in. But they don't help me to resolve it. Send them email but never get any I am just googling to find result how to solve. Very bad service.
  5. Joycezhu


    Date: 5/4/2013 6:24 AM Batch: 142596066 From Account: U5625173 (Malaysian INC) Amount: $15.23 Memo: Withdraw to user -- Thank you
  6. Joycezhu


    Date: 4/24/2013 3:30 AM Batch: 141296519 From Account: U5625173 (Malaysian INC) Amount: $0.29 Memo: Withdraw to user -- Thank you.
  7. Joycezhu is this site paying or good for investment?

    Thanks goodguy. Just now i get payment from malaysian-inc. And it is take 34 minutes to get my balance into my lr account.
  8. Joycezhu is this site paying or good for investment?

    yesterday i get this email from malaysian-inc Hello, Joyce !LibertyReserve service currently offline!Please don't worry, all withdrawal will be completed as soon as the service becomes available.Thank you for your understanding!Best regards,Malaysian Investment Company...
  9. Joycezhu

    Uinvest (with Video Chat Support)

    Now, I am saving my money. So I can invest here. Sometimes I am too tired thinking investing in hyips that will come to scam. I have lost some in hyips. If I calculate it,it will be better investing at here. Because this is real business. So it will worth when we try to invest at uinvest. And...
  10. Joycezhu is this site paying or good for investment?

    @frabi do you means you like the short terms hyip? Like in one day or in hours? So you can easily double your money in just one day? I don't have a lot balance. So I am just invest $15. :) and I just hope 2 weeks will come quick :p
  11. Joycezhu

    I was wrong if the minimum payout is $5. The real one is $20. Now, I just have $1.01 total earned for buying package from bonus sign up from clickpaid ($10.20). $0.2 daily and $0.1 for weekend. When we are not buying another packages we must try to a long time to reach payout.
  12. Joycezhu is this site paying or good for investment?

    I have invest $ 15. Then I already get payout for 5 days. Payment is instantly. So when we withdraw our balance it instantly paying to our liberty reserve. So 10 days left now. But they just work at tuesday until saturday. I should wait to two weeks more to get my principal back..
  13. Joycezhu


    Date: 4/20/2013 4:01 AM Batch: 140875069 From Account: U5625173 (Malaysian INC) Amount: $0.24 Memo: Withdraw to user --
  14. Joycezhu

    Surveys for asian countries

    Sorry, I means a part of ipanelonline at indonesia. . Because a lot of blogger from indonesia already share their experience being a member at there. They ever paid them. But now not going to pay anymore. Some of them get banned with out reason.
  15. Joycezhu (payout)

    04/17/2013 04:13 Batch : 140443042 From : U9044334 (bestrike) Amount : $1.05 Memo : withdrawal from for --- Thanks admin :)
  16. Joycezhu


    04/16/2013 04:30 140308226 U5625173 (Malaysian INC) + $0.24
  17. Joycezhu

    Sol-R Energy - up to 2.7% fo 90 days. Principal returned.

    They don't accept LR. For me I like using Lr for hyip than another payment proccessor. And they use long term. When we invest $10. 2.7 % daily for 90days. 2,7% x 90 days = 81 % Principal is return = 100 % 100% + 81% = 181% ROI $10 x 181% = $18,1 after 90 days. It may take a long time to...
  18. Joycezhu

    Jkke - www.Jkke.Com

    I am just register at there. But I see just little member that active at there. Any one still have contact with jkke admin? Do he still active and paying to member? I am just afraid when I post there than don't get payout. Because minimum payout also 100 post. 100 post is not easy to reach.
  19. Joycezhu - paid to survey

    They are paying by PayPal, Payza and MoneyBookers. And the points can be redeemed for items in their prize store including Amazon Gift Cards. The minimum payout just only $0.01 I think we may easily to withdrawl it. But since this site don't use liberty reserve so I am not trying to join...
  20. Joycezhu

    Surveys for asian countries is a good survey site. But I hear now, it already turn to be a scam. I ever try to sign up. But it always say that I am fill in wrong captcha. So I think this already don't give any new member chance to earn at there. And maybe really to be a scam. Also I hear from some...