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  1. sinip

    Play free games

    Drop by to my new online games site and play for free. No registration required. Mobile friendly too.
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    Get paid to watch videos

    Welcome to THW Global ************************** This Is A Pre-Launch Registration Page! THW GLOBAL ADVERTISING Starts on The 4th of July 2016 Become An "IV" Today IV stands for International Viewers Register Your Free Position Earn Up To $25 Per Hour Must Be 21 or Older with HS Diploma...
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    [FREE] Win a new Surface Pro 4 from Opera and Windows Central!

    Win a new Surface Pro 4 from Opera and Windows Central! Last week we reviewed Opera for Windows, and now we are teaming up with Opera for a giveaway! One person will win a new Surface Pro 4, and three runners-up will receive some awesome Windows Central and Opera swag. Completely FREE, no...
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    MLM that Rocks -

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    Earn some FREE Dogecoins

    This one functions pretty much the same as - you register, enter captcha every hour and win some Dogecoins. Maximum amount is $200 equvivalent in Dogecoins. Unlike here you can ask for withdrawal at any time as long as you have 5 Dogecoins or more. Payment...
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    FREE Dogecoins every hour -

    Well, it is pretty much the same case as with :) you register and then just solve one captcha every hour and get some Dogecoins. Depending upon the number rolled out you can get up to $200 value of Dogecoins. Payment proofs are here -...
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    Paid by

    Here are first two payments from website. :)
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    Flood in Republic of Srpska

    As you have probably heard by now, the most of the ex-Yugoslavia region was hit by major floods that claimed a number of lives in Serbia, Croatia and Republic of Srpska. The exact number is still unknown. One of the worst hit cities are my city - Doboj in Republic of Srpska and Obrenovac in...
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    Earn FREE Bitcoins hourly!

    If you're looking for a place where you can earn Bitcoins for free, then look no further, you've found one: All you have to do is register, fill in your personal details including BTC wallet address and start playing every single hour. You WILL WIN BTC every hour and the minimum amount is...
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    FREE Bitcoins every hour -

    This is so far the best place to get free bitcoins hourly You need to register, fill in some details including your Bitcoin wallet address, and then basically you can play every hour and get some bitcoins every hour. You need to fill in captcha, click on a button and if...
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    Paid by

    First automatic payment:
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    Here you have brand new payment processor - Paytoo This is from their "About us" page: PayToo is a brand of PayToo Corp., a US organization founded in 1999. Since 2004, PayToo has offered mobile phone solutions, VoIP, prepaid cards, and secured e-commerce...
  13. sinip

    NIX Money -

    Hello here you have new? e-currency - Despite all the pictures from the home page, it seems to be Russian based, open for everyone to register, you start by providing your e-mail address then you get your confirmation link there. There's not much about who's behind...
  14. sinip

    Looking for PM (USD) to WMZ exchnage

    I have something like $70 in PM and I'd like to exchange it to WMZ. Any amount from $10 and up will do, if you don't have $70. Rules: - You send first - Exchange ratio 1:1 Drop a reply if interested.
  15. sinip

    RefBan - get paid for showing banners

    So, this is the new site, still in prelaunch (should get launched today) which should pay you 10 cents per day or more for showing banner(s) on your web site or blog. If you register during prelaunch you'll get $10 free. :) So, if you want to get in - click on the banner... Here's the...
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    ZergUP - increase your social activities

    What is ZergUp? ZergUp is a social media exchange website that is here to help you increase your site traffic and popularity across many different social networks by exchanging likes, follows, views, hits etc! So, if you need Facebook, shares, likes, Youtube views, Pinterest pins, or...
  17. sinip

    ECN Ventures money cycler -

    Hello, looks like that the cyclers are getting more popular lately, so here's another one for you. The name is ECN Ventures - It accepts LR only at the moment, offers 24/7 live support and claims that you'll be paid automatically, within 24 hours after your deposit...
  18. sinip

    Power 2 Share - money sharing program

    What this program does is create a PROFIT SHARE with the CubieCollective and other sites that we will be adding to our network of profit sharing sites in which we are distributing our profits with our advertisers. Its VERY simple to get...
  19. sinip

    If you want to live and work in the USA - PLAY LOTTERY!

    For all of those interested to moving to the USA, why don't you play lottery. You might even win. :) It is free, and if your country is eligible go here: All you need is one photo of yourself, that will fulfill following requirements...
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    First payment received: You have received a payment to your account U0307244: Date: 2010-18-10 19:58:57 Batch: 47077085 From Account: U8378818 Amount: $0.30 Memo: Withdraw to italkmoney from Thank you.