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  1. seraphim

    Sfi - Teambuild - Co-op - The Best Online Home Business - 2 Paid Referrals

    If you have not seen this program before then you have probably been distracted by all the come-and-go programs around. I know it is attractive to enter a program that has seemingly good momentum and a payment plan where you see instant cash based on how many paid referrals are under you, but...
  2. seraphim

    ClearVoiceSurveys -

    One of the cleanest survey designs I have ever seen with reliable and frequent easy-to-complete surveys. Pays out to PayPal or Payoneer debit master card. Surveys are nice and weighty in value making the $10 cashout limit easy to reach. You are also paid for completing profile questions...
  3. seraphim

    PTCircle -

    Hello been paid twice since only being a member from June.
  4. seraphim

    MutualGroups -

    From STPay member: Maimaivanla ( Transaction Number: 30002342830 Amount: $3.40 Currency: USD Note (if provided): Withdraw to bajandigital from Transaction Fees: $0.30 Been paid after 2 days of interest profit. Very fast almost instant payment to STP...
  5. seraphim

    PaidVerts -

    My first payment here to Payza. NB other payment options include STP, PayPal, EgoPay, PerfectMoney. It took about 7 business days to clear.
  6. seraphim

    Changer (fomerly Xchanger) - is now They have a new domain name in the ".com" without the x in "xchanger" popularly pronounced 'exchanger'. They have a couple new features: - Automated discount menu option - Some bitcoin options - new design However they have dropped the STP e-currency...
  7. seraphim

    Neteller -

    Truly an international option to get a Prepaid Master Card. I compared with Skrill. - Both Allow Games of Chance - Both Set up with simple verification steps - Both International However I have found Neteller to be better on fees, verification and the availability of their Pre-paid...
  8. seraphim


    I thought I would mention a regular I have been paid by. I got over $50 in payments over the years through the defunct LR, the well known PayPal, but this in my first Payza from them.
  9. seraphim

    MyTrafficValue Shares and Investments

    You can invest in MTV as a safe and reliable source. From the time it was BaseBucks the admin Jo was always upfront in his reporting and plan for the site. this is one site where you will have transparency in your investments. this site is also now growing through is subsidiary PaidVerts...
  10. seraphim

    MyTrafficValue -

    Paid to SolidTrustPay in about 3 business days.
  11. seraphim

    PTCircle 1st Payment

    Paid fast after only being a member for 15 days!
  12. seraphim

    libertagia -

    Hello, Amazing site with 90 second fixed PTC ads that pay 20 cents per click!!! They just had a site upgrade and use a CAPTCHA system that is easier to use. Payout is US$300 to bank account. Free Cloud Storage and chances to win lots of prizes.
  13. seraphim

    PTCircle -

    Here is a relatively new site that has a familiar looking bux-script, however it has lots of innovations that make it interesting. For one the earnings rate is maxed out at 7 cents per click. It has the model of limiting the number of clicks per day and encourages upgrading to sustain the...
  14. seraphim - Safe, Secure, Reliable, Trusted and Fast

    This is one of the best exchangers that I use all the time.
  15. seraphim

    PaidVerts -

    I thought I would introduce this new concept of advertising here. You basically get quality advertising and a ROI of 155%, If you are interested in an incentive to join please contact me.
  16. seraphim

    MyTrafficValue -

    Power Plan Daily payments and Fast Tracks, until 194% Cycler-Daily 110% within 96 hours, or 125% via daily payments Profit Shares Buy/Sell shares to earn weekly cash dividends. Level 1 (%) / Level 2 (%) Power Plan Investments 5% 1% Traffic Value Investments 2% 1% Banner...
  17. seraphim

    PrimusHub -

    One Destination a World of Opportunity Four other Opportunities: Primus Marketing A revolutionary complete system that will catapult your business to the next level. Imagine being able to promote all your businesses from one place... Start Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, and Phone Burner...
  18. seraphim

    Safe Risk -

    2.5% Daily - LR, PM, AP and STP + Principal Back min deposit: $10 max deposit: $25,000 referral bonus: 6% 64 Days Old What do you guys think?
  19. seraphim

    Stock Biz -

    This one has a familiar plan with a high return. No AP, running 80+ days:
  20. seraphim

    Earngroups -

    What do you all think about Earn Groups?