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  1. jambutty

    BentleyInvestments Launched 10 days ago BI has 5 plans. Unless anyone is prepared to gamble $1,001 or more it will be the Basic Plan at 5% per business day with the principal not returned at plan term end. However the plan at a minimum deposit of $10 lasts for 40...
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    S2E is definitely a scam now. Admin is manipulating things to prevent members making any more profits with the 50/50 rule. My recent surf should have earned me $2.28 but not only was it not paid but $0.60 went to my cash balance. My 4 remaining upgrades have all been expired even though...
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    There is an opportunity to cash in on NonStopPayments. Current lifetime 136 days. Not monitored by GoldPoll. A $50 deposit will earn 3% per day for 100 days. That is $1.50 per day. With RCB of $5 the BEP is 30 days. The minimum withdrawal is $10 so you...
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    There are two types of autosurfer. 1. A traffic exchange autosurfer. You don’t earn any money but credits to allocate to your own web site being shown. 2. A 12 x 12 autosurfer. Some 12 x 12 programmes give you the option of surfing in an autosurf rotator or a manual rotator where you have...
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    Paid instantly and automatically 02/03/2013 U1976997 U5564190 130122642 7.20 Verify the payment using the above data in - Discussion at -
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    A standard 12 x 12 autosurfer. Upgrades at $12 multiples. BEP 9 days. Ref Comm at 7%. Surf 6 sites automatically (10 seconds timer) to earn 12% instantly and automatically. Surf2Earn has some FRAME BREAKERS so you will have to log in again to carry on...
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    Happy Xmas Everyone

    Happy Xmas Everyone :D To all those who celebrate Xmas I would like to wish you all a Happy Xmas and a Prosperous New Year. To those who do not celebrate Xmas, well I wish you Happiness and Prosperity. Make sure that your speakers are turned on.
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    Spam Email.

    If you get a spam email from it IS NOT FROM GOLDPOLL. The return path is The referral URL is The genuine referral URL for GoldPoll would be ?ref=goldpoll. Someone has hit on the idea of using...
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    One Day HYIP or Sports Betting?

    To compare HYIP with Sports Betting you have to compare like with like. That is a sports bet is a one off on one day so you have to compare it with the One Day HYIP. One Day HYIP You can get scammed by the programme. The bulk of the new HYIP’s coming on line go scam within a few days. The...
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    I and many others have not been paid for days. TG has declared AVO a scam.
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    Paid quickly 11/06/2012 U3142904 U5564190 118219180 4.00 :D :)
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    EvoFund Brand new. Launched 4th November 2012. 8% per day for 30 business days. ROI - 240%. Principal NOT returned BEP - 13 business days. Compounding available. 20% bonus for first 200 deposits of $250 or more. Best RCB monitor - $5.00 RCB...
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    Paid 10/22/2012 U2237713 U5564190 115738394 12.00 :D :)
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    Sirius Union Lifetime 18 days. BEP 8 days. 7 days with RCB. 12% for 11 business days. ROI – 132%. only 7 votes so far. The best RCB is from -...
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    Cheer Leaders On GoldPoll.

    Right5 - 772 votes in a lifetime of 54 days in signifies that it is full of cheerleader votes and comments. Pick any comment and click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass. It will list all the votes and comments made by that person. For...
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    Paid instantly 10/03/2012 U2576937 U5564190 112918229 2.40 :D :) Verify the payment using the above data in - Please vote at - Discussion at -
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    Paid instantly 09/06/2012 U1303201 U5564190 109389580 3.50 :D :) Verify the payment using the above data in - Discussion at -
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    What do we think of - None of the top RCB monitors monitor this apart from GoldLister but it is not offering RCB. But - does. Not monitored by GoldPoll yet. Lots of activity on TG -...
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    Paid instantly 07/22/2012 U0527479 U2535419 104192180 1.65 :D :) Verify the payment using the above data in - Please vote at - Discussion at -
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    Paid instantly 07/21/2012 U6061630 U5564190 104087218 3.60 :D :) Verify the payment using the above data in - Please vote at - Discussion at -