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    Am not the Admin Link Just searched here and did not find one, I just found this one now and it is monitored by hyipsinfo but waiting statue. It offers 3 plans and Below is the state of the plans. 1: WEEKLY Profit= 110% End Term= 7 days a week Profit...
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    Help: Forum Banners

    Please Mod help, i need the forum banner to place in my blog site but could not see it after searching.
  3. Forumtech

    Problem with my post count

    @ Mods Though i have a double post, but at the same i pleaded to Mods here to delete it, in the same thread. But to my suprise when my posts decrease with a subraction of 15 posts. And i have checked my user cp and payment to my posts, and it show the suppose number to my current posts count...
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    Am not the Admin of this site: link at I have searched here and did not see, so i decided to share with friends here. Please Mod edit any error for me. Well, i joined on the 9th day, when i saw it listed at GP and made a deposit of $1...
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    Invest division-

    Am not the Admin, Well, this hyip has run for 44 days to date. I joined on the 40th day and had got my profit for the 2 days plan. Anyway, the issue now is that i can't access the site, anyone who could visit the site should let known here. Beside, the minimum invest is $5, the plan 1 is 106%...
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    BUY! BUY!! BUY!!! Cheap Domain For Sale

    I owned this site, and i made it for a real hot Paid To Post Forum (PTP). But, now i want to sale it, just visit and see how it gains traffic. If you are interested PM me, to get details, that's if you want run a PTP forum. Please...
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    Thanks Admin for banning me

    I was surprised when i logged into GT and i keep getting errors. But i later searched the forum as a guest and found out that i was banned for ignoring a Mod's instruction. Am sorry to who ever it may be and i would like to know the particular thread that caused me such. So please...
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    How to do website stock trading.

    I have searched for this information, but did not find. I want to get help from you all. How do i buy and sell a website? Where do i register a site? And stock it at places like What we shall discuss: 1: Where to buy domain at a low price. 2: Places to stock it and sale later...
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    World-hourly -

    Your payment received. Date: 5/19/2010 9:42:12 PM Batch: 38294871 Account: U0937979 Amount: $1.10 Memo: world hourly payment
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    I am no the Admin I just searched here and did not found. An hourly paying hyip. Though the ROI is high but am in with $1 a for a test.Here is what they offer Plan Spent Amount ($) Hourly Profit (%) TEST 110% $1 - $10 110.00 120% $11 - $50 5.00 144%...
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    How to make money with Ebay

    I have been so curious about how to make money on Ebay, online big auction market. Hope we can discuss in this thread, about it and how to purchase goods there also. Thread already exists:
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    Am not Admin. Qoute: welcome to surfmaster, Auto surfing, Auto cashout, and Auto upgrade. We have have open 20 days, 92 members strong and counting. Join and advertise for free and earn earn big from surf. HACKER SAFE SITE Special promotion upgraded member. 5% commission paid at $5 when...
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    Please help me unlock my phone

    Dear Friend, Please how can i unlock my phone. Tell me what to do and how to do it. The details of the phone. MAKER =SIEMENS, MODEL=C75. If you know a software i can use please tell. Thanks
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    Iam confused.HYIP!!!

    Guy, i saw this site in GP monitor ( i registered and invested cos they are new. I invested in the plan 1 that last for 5days. Could you guys believe since Dec 26 2009 i requested a payment, they kept it pending till today 1st january 2010. Guy we are all here to help each other...
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    The Secret Of Taking Survey

    Affiliates, Welcome to article. Here you will learn how to make money through surveys. Iam PeteJames a young internet marketer.before lay this secret that cost me $$$ in hand free. Yes! FREE!!! Lets consider defining survey. What is survey? These simply means thorough search over...
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    How To Earn $10 Daily In (lr)

    Hello Pals, I am about to unleash some thing that would change your financial status, that a lot of so called egocentric internet marketer would not to show you for free. Hope you know how to copy and paste using your mouse if yes, you are very qualified for this programme, but if...
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    Do anyone know if this hyip are still paying. I invested for so long but they never pay my earning. thanx