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  1. Forumtech

    really missed our best forum

    really missed our best forum
  2. Forumtech PTP Forum

    Just visited the site anyway, and every thing there is quite new. The admin, obviously is a newbie to website as he/she tries to immitiate from the look and same sub-forum set of goldentalk. Beside, the admin is not active as well to put things in order or atleast update some section threads...
  3. Forumtech

    earn money from metacafe

    Well, earning from video upload has been lucrative online, but you must be able to get current videos and mostly funny types in order to get steady views everyday. making search of this site, i got the link as If you really give this one time with some social sites like...
  4. Forumtech

    earn money by selling used textbooks -

    selling textbooks or any book else online is something that has been in existence since internet started, i see it very lucrative when i searched informations about it. just that it has lot of work like, writing it, getting bookcover, looking for bookselling sites and some might require you to...
  5. Forumtech

    Digitalcashpalace -

    like the activities that is going on there, though i did not join here when it started, but can still contribute. the site is really good, for the fact that the Admin is paying their members for the posts made in the forum. It's very interesting even as i read the forum Admin offered a bonus...
  6. Forumtech

    PMF -

    I joined here today and still exploring the forums, to see how it works. i can see lots of active post there as well. We start making post there at once to begin earning from the forum, which will help me see if they are paying or not.
  7. Forumtech

    Digitalmoneytalk -

    After reading some member posts here, it shows that DMT is still paying. So, i have put them to list as i want to resume to PTP work to my free moment because am so much engaged to offline works. Anyway, for now am having some difficulties to login there, but as well i have requested to change...
  8. Forumtech

    Digitalmoneytalk -

    Are you guys able to login here? i keep getting this message There appears to be an error with the database. I don't know if it is from my browser or if anyone still get such error there.
  9. Forumtech

    Rvdmarkets Forum -

    Just got to this page now, but visiting this site, i keep getting link to download something which i never wanted, just as if there's a spy virus on the website. Anyway, the rate per post is good, and is for those that know forex trading very well that can post there.
  10. Forumtech

    You are right Sinip, that google would never know it's your site behind the shorten url. But, i think anyone using shortening links is to earn money most and not to gain traffic to his site. Because when i was using it, it's for making money and i don't think of gaining traffic to my blog site.
  11. Forumtech

    Excellent Tips For Massive Traffic Generation To Your Website/Blog.

    Actually, daily update helps alot to drive traffiic to one's site/blog. Since internet is something people visits every day and one's your site has daily updates, your visitors will surely be on your site every day. It happens to many of my blogs, that at once i left it without update, it will...
  12. Forumtech

    how to earn from parked domains?

    Domain parking is one the good online biz, which i have admired most. But when ii engaged in it some months ago, found it very difficult because it requires lot of time for someone to succeed from the biz. And you must be good in driving traffic to a site, in order to get more clics to your...
  13. Forumtech

    some ways to earn money from internet

    Though i have dumped online earnings for so long, but recentlyi found a means to earn from social sites like facebook and twitter with a site known as mylikes. For now, am still finding aa way to earn fast and more money from it, so that i can make it steady means of my online income.
  14. Forumtech

    Fed up of HYIPs?

    Greed! They are not but we are, and that leads to loose. Stealing! I don't think so, it's business and a game, just like betsybee have said. Someone can only be fed up with hyip if he/she cease's to apply the rules of hyip and one of them is don't be greedy.
  15. Forumtech

    how to earn from parked domains?

    I think Sedo has a lot of rules, that's why i quited to use their services when i was into domain park business. I have used only namedride where every thing seems to be different and best to be compared to other ones that i have read their usage rules. Though my site registration got expired...
  16. Forumtech (formerly known as KeyForCash)

    That's one problem with all kind invitational sites, sometime it never be as they said, even though your scores was good enough. Because it's always people in US that qaulifies to such invitation. But, like i said before, there is no harm in trying. I will still make out time to signup and see...
  17. Forumtech (formerly known as KeyForCash)

    It seems like a good earning site actually, just that we need someone who have tried it before and can tell if the site had been paying when they were keyforcash. Beside, it's not too harm for someone to try it out, but the fact is that you may not qaulify to join after test. I would like to...
  18. Forumtech

    GTSGT Members Discussion Only

    Like you said, it will actually take years, if that is our number. Anyway, lets watch and if we can continue with other investments sites as usual, even if it will cost something, then we can discuss about it here.
  19. Forumtech


    The Admin of this one is actually giving free money. The ROI is too much to sustain a program. Very risky to invest in this one, even though they are accepting payza.
  20. Forumtech

    This site seems like the most interesting hyip now as i have been watching it so far. It's good as the Admin is active here as well, so we can lay any complain and they can be solved quick. Their plans are very ok and can sustain the site to pay for a long time, but seems like am not going to...