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    Microworkers -

    Another problem with microworkers is that if your rating gets too low, then they will ban you. Something that they need to fix, indeed.
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    Microworkers -

    People do get paid there, but you need to be careful. It has the same problems as, which is the exact clone of microworker, or visa versa. If the employer is truthful, and you do your job correctly, then you will get paid, but there are too many employers on there that will...
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    Safe Depositary -

    Hm, seems to be on the up and up. Decided to try it out for awhile, and see what happens. I'll start with 10 dollars at 1.6%
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    What To Do If You Have Been Ripped Off.

    Yeah, that is completely idiotic. Never invest what you can't afford to lose, and with these HYIP, you never put that much money into one. These programs come and go like the wind.
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    Online Earning, Where to Start

    When I first started trying to make money on the internet, I was drawn by jobs that could be done online, that you'd get paid for. They'd usually employ you as an independent contractor, to work, and make as little or as much money as you want. Those two that I tried out was, and...
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    Read Mails For Cash

    There aren't any like that, and if you do find one, be careful. I see tons of those Ptc sites that offer 2 dollars per click, promising you a couple thousand after you make your way up there...and I just don't see how that is even possible, unless they are selling the shit out of their...
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    Make money for students

    Hm, a quick way to make 2,000 dollars? As someone already said. Start a small time business, or provide a service that people need. That is the best way to earn money. Yes, you can earn money on the internet, but it won't be quick. If you want quick money, then you need money to make money, as...
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    Microworkers -

    Microworkers is just like I'm surprized they aren't the same site. You basically get paid to do small tasks, but the only problem with these sites is that the employers who want these tasks done like to deny the task being done, and scam you your rightful earnings. Happened to...
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    Data Entry Jobs?

    You guys are pretty right. There are only two legit businesses that I can think of that will pay you for doing work online, and that's, and, which both have to do with answering people's questions for money. Something around .10 cents per question answered, along with various...
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    Want to invest just $12 for $1000000?

    I don't trust any kind of a site that promises you thousands and thousands of dollars, with only a small start up cost. It seems like a scam to me. I just tend to stay away from those.
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    Max Surf -

    You know the reason why most of these systems end up turning scam? It's because the Admin eventually goes bankrupt, and doesn't have the money to pay what he owes. By doing this, it makes it so the program can continue longer, not to mention that it will weed out those who just want to take the...
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    Advantages of Private Programs?

    Yes, even though they are called Private Investments. You really should consider them just the same. Although, the risk of them turning scam is much lower, as they just don't take anyone as a investor. Usually, people who are invited into the program are then allowed to pick people they want to...
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    You can succeed investing in hyips

    To compound, or not to compound? That is the question. But what is the answer, really? Like various other people have said in this thread, it is like playing a game. It is gambling in it's purest sense, and the prize? Money, of course. I take the safe route, and withdraw my earnings daily, but...
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    GIG number in my account

    Your GiG ID is used for investing in GoldenTalk Investment Group. Might be a way for you to take the earnings you get here, and invest them directly into the group, to make a bit of cash.
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    Will you really get rich online?

    To me, making copious amounts of money online is a crap shoot. You have to be skilled, and lucky. Hell, all of the preperation in the world won't be enough to prevent you from losing, or prepare you to win. It is the luck of the draw, and sometimes, you get lucky. And other times, you don't...