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  1. S Pay Per Download

    Well, I am not member of this site and it may be legit one.But ,$10 per 1000 downloads is just a waste of time even if this site lacks download surveys.I would recommend every one to sharecash.It is the most reliable site but rates differ country wise.It pays minimum $0.04 per download which is...
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    Digitalcashpalace -

    Yes, DCP is very reliable forum like goldentalk.If paypal is not supported in your country then you may ask your reliable friend in other country to receive paypal payments on your behalf.And then he can transfer those funds to your VISA debit card in your country through Paypal.
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    Digitalmoneytalk -

    you are right mayurbora, digitalmoneytalk is very reliable site like goldentalk but rate is low.I am also working with many other legit PTP sites,so time management is a big issue for me.
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    After working for a one month, I have accumulated $0.95 there, i am not happy with all that work.Instead of it, you should focus at neobux.It is very trustful site I have ever worked.
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    antivirus for windows 8

    Bitdefender antivirus software has won the gold award of best software for windows 8 but it is not free and you have to pay $29.95.If you like a free version then you should choose Mcafee antivirus software.
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    mobile antivirus?

    Nokia 6233 is not a symbian phone so there is no antivirus software made for it.If you want to get best mobile software for your nokia symbian phones.Then I would prefer. I hope you will like it.
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    AVG Free Edition 9.0.814

    I have not used AVG antivirus new and free edition but My past experience with this software is not great.I have changed my PC's window many times while running this software.
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    Careful With Downloading Stuffs

    You are right. Gofree is a hell of viruses. Do not download anything from that site.It will slow down your PC too much.There are very nice tips you mentioned which we should look for to maintain our system safe.
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    about norton Internet Security

    Avoid norton internet security and AVG antivirus software.They will reminding you of their job while surfing that they block the threats.But it is not true.They are delaying your enemy to enter in your system.I have experience with them, so I am telling you.
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    Do you want to download free antivirus?

    Except Avast antivirus system, I would say you to buy the software especially which is antivirus.Paying for software would stop you headache of getting messages from these software sites to upgrade them.
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    Keep Your Passwords Secure

    I was badly looking for this kind of software.Because my passwords length is quite short for all earning programs and I don not want to go in hastle of keeping long passwords.So I shall buy this software but paypal is not allowed in my country.
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    promote website internet advertising

    This site is looking very promising to give a huge number of visitors daily.No doubt, social media is the best source of getting more visitors.But I have a question that upon which proof, you are calling this website very reliable.Though there are lot more sites like that and even people are...
  13. S - Fastest Exchanger

    I have not found any kind of experience regarding exchangegold.I am not in a position of trust on it.The exchangegold is quite good in reputation as compared to others.So, it should be given a try.
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    Is It Worth Getting Discount Your Wedding Gown

    Dressmebridal has more better services reviews than other you mentioned.It has better and cheap rates I noticed and also they have order booking systems for many countries.You have to include a tag of the famous fashion designers dresses for your marriage so why not if you get cheap and stylish...
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    Paid surveys Australia

    While registering on mysurverys, I did not find any requirement to be Australian for a getting access to surveys.We can say that currency accepted for withdrawal is Australian dollar.So, any one can join this site.