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    Sfi - Teambuild - Co-op - The Best Online Home Business - 2 Paid Referrals

    If you have not seen this program before then you have probably been distracted by all the come-and-go programs around. I know it is attractive to enter a program that has seemingly good momentum and a payment plan where you see instant cash based on how many paid referrals are under you, but...
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    PaidVerts -

    Options now include bitcoin, Western Union, Bank Transfer and Neteller. Skrill is coming soon! PayPal Payment
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    Making it big online!

    Making it big online!
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    libertagia -

    I have reached the $300 payout mark. Will update more soon...
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    donkeymails - PTC

    My 11th Payment
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    Another chronicle of Payments:
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    donkeymails - PTC

    The chronicle of long before:
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    MyTrafficValue -

    Another payment within 3 business days:
  9. seraphim - to inter-exchnage LR/STP/SP

    I see that some people still promote this site as offer services in SolidTrustPay but from a simple login there is no STP option. I must ask them formally about this.
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    PTCircle -

    Lots of changes at this site too fast to keep up with. I believe all centered around a payout delay. Memberships have been modified to reflect earning rate from 3 to 7 cents from free to shareholder (increasing by 1 cent for each upgraded membership). That was so with all memberships having to...
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    It does have potential, let's hope with its new projects it has a new lease in providing quality PTC services.
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    $5 bonus -

    I got paid But that was when it was surveyhead, however during the time after that payout I quickly was back up to the threshold for payment but can you believe the number of expired surveys that I went through over a period of years only to get 10 cents for next payout? I find that I...
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    Ayuwage -

    Give it some time I used to think the same way until I gave it a real chance I moved from 25 cents to over $1.25. This site has lots of ads but they are parceled out in 10 minute intervals so you got to keep checking throughout the day. If you can install toolbar or use the technique of...
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    PTCircle -

    Changes, chages. Buxbonus is now $1 till end of year. Payments are still being processed. Up to the 10th of September instant payments should be finalized. Other changes include withdrawal limits. A slight increase in the lowest membership goes to $7 monthly up one dollar. But the $39...
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    PTCircle -

    There was some delays in payments. I got paid. New in the month of September more promos. 150% Balance added for all processors when you add funds from any processor. 100% purchase balance in effect now until end of October fro all processors. Also this month (Sept) buxsbonus is $5, but also...