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    New Site: Earn Money By Sharing Or Teaching Your Skills online

    LearnerG Here earner is known as tutor and who wants to learn new things know as learner, best place to learn new things at affordable price. Many people don't do higher courses because it cost too much. Now they can learn whatever they want at a click of mouse. It has variety of categories...
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    $5 bonus -

    hello yuili serveys are set according to demographical location. when there will be any servey, you will surely get.
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    may be admin is busy that‘s why he is unable to come online. i think admin will clear the pending requests.
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    Fxfred -

    I am waiting for my payment. by the way they make paymenton time but sometime there is a delay.
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    Gifthulk- rewarding site -

    yeah due to some reasons gifthulk don,t accept members from some country.
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    earn money with twitter-

    Earn money tweeting. The more followers you have the more chances to earn money. Many twitter users are earning more than $5 per tweet.
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    Earn points for watching videos and downloading apps-

    Now you can earn with your iphone and android. Very easy just for watching videos and downloading apps. You will get points and can change into gift cards or cashout in paypal.
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    imoneypage -

    I think there may be any reason if admin is not proccessing payment fast. And i am sure it is still a paying forum because nowhere it is written that it's not paying.
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    FREE Bitcoins every hour -

    I am earning bitcoins but what to do with it. Mean should i sell those. If yes then where. Or can i convert those in us dollers?
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    IAFT -

    Yeah more posts in one day can raire mods attention and their may be more deduction of posts. If someone is active in many forumr then it's good to post 20-30 posts per day on each forum.
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    Perfect Money

    I have a new accoun in pm. Today when i tried to login in system said password error. After changing my password still i am facing this problem.
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    Digitalcashpalace -

    I also want to join you all on dcp. Really good to hear from kausal that he earns 10-12$ per month with only 10 posts per day.
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    Fxfred -

    Their bonus program is too good. Matter not you win their contests or not you will get bonus for posting.
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    Postloop -

    @ bulastika you can get paid if your email is not same as your name. It's not necessary that you use real name as your email. I also got paid without any problem.
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    survey site-

    This is good survey sites for Asian countries started by star India You will get maximum 6 surveys per month. This is not much but it will add a few cents in your pocket. You can cash out or get flipkart coupon and purchase items online.