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    GangsterBet -

    This is basically very simple game. You just choose Knife or Pistol and bet using your liberty reserve account. If you win, you will get 220% of your total bettings.
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    Betfair -

    This casino looks interesting. Do they have Baccarat to play? Because I have experience in this game.
  3. salmanrashid - bet using paypal

    Is there any tips and tricks to win this game? I have joined it but I feel difficult to play due to no experience.
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    Does really pay

    I have searched this term "sendmoreinfo scam" on google and found that many of its members are complaining that they do not paying them. So, I think it is scam. Thanks for the suggestions fellow.
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    Mylot -

    Mylot is not good if you are posting to earn money. Their payment per post is very low. Moreover, you have to spend many hours to earn reasonable amount. Mylot is good if you are participating there for fun or for promotion of your website or blog.
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    Earning Palace -

    You should contact with the site administrator and tell him your situation. I think that the administrator of this site is no more interested in business because I have visited this site today and it is for sale. Maybe he has postponed accounts for few days untill someone may purchase this website.
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    Payza aka Alert Pay

    Payza is complicated as compare to liberty reserve and paypal. It is very easy to operate liberty reserve on few clicks. Even I have found liberty reserve secure as compare to payza. But payza is good if you are working on PTC or survey websites because most of them pay through this medium.
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    Betting tutorial

    This website link is not working at all. Please check it.
  9. salmanrashid - good betting site (accpets liberty reserve)

    I like their head and tail game. They have two kinds of head and tail games. But I could not understand their points system.
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    SportingBet -

    I live in Pakistan and I think sports betting is not allowed here. Well if it is online system then maybe we can try it.
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    newGni -

    The website is not working at all. Anyone faced problem on browsing this website?
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    $160 is a lot of money to spend on a website for which you are not very much satisfied. Do not wast your money on it.
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    ===+++*** Arbitrage Betting Part 1 ***+++===

    I just have search the term "Arbitrage Betting" but it shows me alot of unrelated websites. Can you suggest me a good website for these type of bettings? Thanks for the information.
  14. salmanrashid Has anyone tried this.

    Well, I have played several times on this game and now I am satisfied. Although there are alot of chances that you lose, if you win, they will transfer money immediately on your account.
  15. salmanrashid -- Earn a lot of money instantly.

    This is basically a flip coin game. You choose head or tail and if you win, the money is transferred to your liberty reserve account instantly. As you can see there are two options i.e. Head or Tail. So, the changes to win are 50-50. The best thing is that if you win, they pay you 250%...