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    Thank you for your informative post. I received the email too. I do have a citibank account, but i never respond to email alerts. EXCEPT once a few months ago a similiar email did get me. I had to cancel ALL my credit cards and get new accounts, as well as change my online banking info...
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    Scam Alert

    I received a "phishing" scam email today that was so good that I need to let people know about this immediately. I generally do not send out emails about stuff, but since this one was so well crafted, I felt I needed to let everyone know. In fact, I have notified Citibank's fraud program about...
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    Private Label Affililate Programs

    Hi there folks, I'm new here and well I was put in charge for finding affiliate partners that offer private-label solutions. So far, I've picked up on a magazine merchant, the IAN affiliate and onetravel. Growerflowers didn't meet our design standards so that one was a bummer. I was wondering...
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    My name is Alex, I am a university student. I am not a business owner but I have worked with businesses many times. :rock: