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    Fast Markets question

    I have the same issue when making a WD request. The FM forum has a few reasons why FM is having these probelms, check it out if you havn't done so yet. For the moment lets wait and see....
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    VAOL Update

    I have a feeling that VAOL may be up after the xmas/new years holidays. Just a feeling. At the same time they could have disappeared. FF and PrivateOpps have a similar approach i.e. some what similar to a 'broker' service may be. I think FF may have a long way. I hope to see VAOL up in the...
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    Fast Market (merged)

    Another successful WD. Keep up the good work FM!!
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    Anyone else e-gold down?

    E-gold is very slow at the moment. I'll try agin later this evening. I had no problems accessing e-gold last night.
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    Good luck 206432. Beware of greed, initially. Invest wisely. This forum has many 'nuggets' of gold i.e. in terms of advice. Consult your peers if in doubt i.e. the more experienced forum members e.g. Jambutty, Digiclone etc. Good luck again.
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    Studio Traffic (in my book anyway...)

    If I went through what you did, i'll be feeling the same way too I think. However, in my case, i've had many more good experiences with ST than bad. I wouldn't write them off yet. Hope things get better for you PeterB.
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    Studiotraffic Paying Or Not?????

    I agree. I think ST will get through this 'rough-patch' and turn out good for a few more months at least.
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    vascoinvest is a scam be carefull

    I was thinking about doing a test spend. Nothing wrong with that I think. Good luck Rehana.
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    Well, for the time being, yes. I like to play safe. Hope you all benefit from the programme.
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    Is VAOL having problems?

    Always been paid with #?=+. Lets wait and see how the private mode goes.
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    Made some good profit with 12DP. Time for me to leave on a good note.
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    Studiotraffic Paying Or Not?????

    My Nov 2006 payment took 14 days (ST>SP>E-GOLD).
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    Fast Market (merged)

    Paid again. Requested payment yesterday, in account instantly!! Keep up the good work FM!!
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    VAOL Investments

    Paid again. Requested payment yesterday, in account today!! Keep up the good work VAOL!!
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    Fast Market (merged)

    Paid again. Instant transfer!!!