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    blogger vs wordpress

    yeah, you must have a certain amount of monthly traffic and then apply to WordAds, which is the ad program by Wordpress for all hosted blogs. you cannot add adsense code into any html widget. if you do, wordpress will strip much of the code away preventing any display. this is for...
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    blogger vs wordpress

    definitely .org for customization, but i have never brought a site online with the package they offer. just wondering though, which host did you use? i was thinking of going with a lower cost shared hosting, either webhostingpad or maiahost, but there's still the quality concern of course.
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    Does any Traffic Exchange site supports Linkbucks.?

    you have to use traffic exchanges that allow frame breakers. sioniam frame breaker surf allows link shorteners. however, i have been fairly unsuccessful earning that way. main reason is that the timer moves independently from the site loading so the time will start count down before the site...
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    blogger vs wordpress

    let's not forget monetization. if you use wordpress.COM hosting, you are subjected to the wordads revenue sharing. if you are retrieving from wordpress.ORG, then i guess you can insert your own html code. blogger makes inserting your own html code easier. currently strips away much...
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    blogger vs wordpress

    I personally prefer wordpress over blogger. I don't download the kit to tweak and play around with. I use, not Anyways, i just find that it has more themes and a better layout compared to blogger. Blogger does not have too many features to play around with and that...
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    Can I really make money from PTP sites

    you really want to check out newly started out forums. they have a higher chance of not paying out, but their post rates are generally higher such as up to 5 cents per post i have seen. this is not so much the case with the more well established pay to post sites because of their number of...
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    That's one of the problems. To me, I find that it's my dollars share. I just can't seem to keep up with the dollar shares. Each day, the payout to my account is less and less to the point now where I just give up clicking and declare whatever investment I have as a loss. On the other hand, their...
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    Mt5 Forum -

    i reached one hundred dollars per month once, but it took a lot of work. i don't have a lot of time to actually post so this is why it is hard for me to reach it, but if i could, then trading would be much better. as of right now, i have to use microlots, but hopefully i can bring it up to...
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    donkeymails - PTC

    uh oh, i hope they are not running into some problems with their payment. they are quite a bit advertising bit and charging quite a bit for advertising compared to how much they are paying out so it is definitely a bit surprising to see that they have trouble paying. anyways, i doubt this will...
  10. M is this site paying?

    it appears that what they are telling us and what the system isn't doing. apparently one of my posts didn't get credited due to shorter word count. however, they say in the rules section that you need to have 51 letters / characters or something. i went over to wordcounter and copy pasted the...
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    VirtaPay (PayBox)

    there's a difference between being visionary and just scamming people's time. to be honest, they demonstrate no sense of quality control with the type of content being offered through their site. all we see are get rich quick schemes and things that we could have actually otherwise gotten for free.
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    MoneyTalkVillage -

    statistically speaking, it looks like the alexa rankings dropped heavily. however, as of right now, it is still considerably higher to earningpalace and other forums, but it is slowly dropping. while alexa is known for partialy inaccurate stats, this should be taken into account of for those...
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    Mt5 Forum -

    bonus does not get updated right away. do you know how much extra unnecessary overload that would cause the servers just to handle post counts for over thousands of members? yes, computers are powerful, but still, it makes more sense to periodically update stats. check in about an hour or so and...
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    Mt5 Forum -

    to be honest, i actually hope they change this to more minimum posts before becoming a full member. i'm actually not using mt5 nearly as much now due to the fact that there are simply too many spammers. these spammers not only copy paste posts within this forum, but they also copy paste from...
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    lol, no it's not. i verified two of my paypal accounts using two $10 vcc. vcc are very cheap and basically offer lifetime verification and they will never hassle you again. however, the trick is to find someone who is willing to provide a vcc. i have used two sites, but i'm not going to list...