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    arm-invest - AMG-INVEST.COM

    Yes the same problem i notice when i visit their website i think its not a legit Hyip any more most of the Hyip sites just pays in 7 initial days and then they start scamming
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    bulkmoneyforum -

    Admin please Remove this Thread the Forum is Not Paying any more and the admin is not replying to any one its just scam i already wasted a lot of time and didnot get even a single penny from them
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    FXProfitsPips -

    Well if ut really works in The Sync you described then its a great offer i didnot heard about this forum before but now going to make my account with them and will give you feed back soon
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    Mt5 Forum -

    You can not cashout the bonus you earned from the Mt5 forum Mt5 Just pay for trading you have to trade with the bonus and if you make profit you can withdraw
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    Redlr -

    Redlr Become Scam the admin Said every one will get paid who made Request before 12 October i have a Pending request from 30 October and its still No Answer i hate such admin who just Cheat people
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    bulkmoneyforum -

    I think its Not Paying any more i Requested for the ISt Payout last day and still didnot get and i have seen Payout Requests from 30 September but there is no Res pounce from Admin which is Making me Sick
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    Profit-Bank -

    well Yes this is still alive i just got a confirmation from my friend who is a big investor in this Hyip and Admin is Fair till now don't know the future as future is un predicted
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    OneDollarinvest New Paying Hyip

    Hello Dear Users i Just found a paying Hyip which Pays Per hour and its the best site i have found i got paid from this site there are following Investment plans 1.3% Per hour for 10 days From $1 to $50 1.5% Per hour For 10 days From $51 to $100 1.7% Per hour For 10 days From $101 to...
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    Postloop -

    I have tried there but unlucky they send me a mail after my 10 posts that i do not have the ability they are looking for so i can not qualify to the forum but i am agreed they are paying too much as a PTP forum
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    DigitalGeneration -

    i have a pending payment from digital generation from almost 20 days they asked me for the ID card and payment screen short i have sent before a week but they still didn't process i think it become scam because i am not getting any mail in res pounce i can show my pending payment proof as well
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    3 pm for just 2 wmz

    I can Give you $2.5 WMz for your 3 Payza if you still need it just text me in Pm and we will do right away you can exchange as much as you want with this exchange rate i am always open to offer
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    selling pm ( perfectmoney ) for moneygram

    I can buy your PM if you except Money bookers as i have Money bookers in Bulk and we can do transactions on frequently basis as i use to exchange money bookers if interested you can Pm me
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    Exchange and Cashout Services to Pakistan members

    Hello Guys i have a verified account with Money Bookers and as well as Perfect money i do own a Web money passport so i am pleased to announce that any member from Pakistan can Cash out his these E currencies any time from Me But your source of income should be clean and clear You may Pm me Or...
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    PayPal to Payoneer transfer money

    i am also having this same query i have a pyapal account and have my payoneer card as well but my payoneer card is empty and when i am going to attach my payoneer card with PayPal it ask for some funds in Payoneer and i dont have can i still attach my card to PayPal
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    Redlr -

    Hello Admin i have posted the proof but i want to tell you my second payment is still pending from almost 7 days even i have no issue in my posts so what should i do now