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    Use Fear As A Motivation!

    Fear is not suitable for forex market because it always be a big stone in the way of success. You can avoid this emotion by opting stop loss and many other ways to get through this emotion. Fear will never be a motivation in forex and so that the greed is.
  2. K - good betting site (accpets liberty reserve)

    In my opinion the head and tail game seems to be very much genuine game here because I had win many times and withdraws many times from win29. We should fix our targets before starting playing there and should have control on emotions. Win29 is a fair site.
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    Mt5 Forum -

    MT5 forum is related to instaforex broker where you must have trading account through which you can trade with the bonus received by posting in the forum. When profit is generated by investing the forum's bonus you can withdraw the profit portion only but there is a draw back because they are...
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    Digital Cash Palace Forum -

    yes you are right because talking about same topic makes you repeat your words again and again but diversion of topics attracts your mind to stay on same forum and you got the opportunity to achieve the minimum payable target. same thing happening in digital cash palace and golden talk. i love...
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    Money Talk World -

    Its good to get 500 points which is eligible for payment request. I Hope there would not be any deductions from admin. I had spent a lot of time at MTW, its a good PTP site but little slow in payments and I had heard that they had reduced the payments. I must go and restart there.
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    Daily $5 earn to small work

    I disagree with you because forex business has a risk factor and requires a good amount as investment. In my opinion people should try by finding some online typing jobs which can provide a stable income but its a hard process and requires some patience. And you are right its next to impossible...
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    StallionGold -

    You are right but if you are earning profits then time is not a criteria and here you surely receive money because it is well tested by myself and I am earning good amount here. Till the time it looks impressive and reliable. In my opinion you should try by investing small amounts.
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    Main points before starting forex trading?

    In my opinion any kind of mastery wouldn't work in forex trading. If you are stuck and determined to follow your strategy without diversion then it creates a possibility to overcome on emotions and can control them. Emotions have no place in the path of success.
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    What do you think about free deposit from broker promotion?

    But I had some different experience, I had paid by FBS without any hassle, I had submitted scanned copy of identity and there is nothing hidden by the broker but they had deducted some withdrawal charges. But the entire process was easy.
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    What do you think about free deposit from broker promotion?

    But I think it is useless to get bonus again and again by using different IP address because you have to produce valid documentation when you go to withdraw the funds after got profit from bonus amount. And I think the documentation is necessary at the time of withdrawal.
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    Surveys for asian countries

    Yes I had also experienced the same thing, all these sites are not fulfilling their commitments, that's why they are losing faith from people. Most of them are only registering the number of clients but not catering any surveys.
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    Trading without Stop Loss

    In my opinion one should take calculated risk. This forex market is available 24hrs so we have enough time to check our strategies. And risk has a fundamental that no risk no profit, high risk high profit but in my opinion we should opt low risk low profit. That's why stop loss is a advisable...
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    comparison of live trading with demo trading.

    Yes you are right, demo trading does not involve any kind of money that's why there is no pressure of losses. Demo account is meant for training purpose only or to play like a video game. But it is very much useful for real forex traders to do trading in demo account before starting real trading.
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    Why Forex?

    Forex is a good source of generating income but it has little risk involved. You have to be very much careful about strategies and good control over your emotions. Forex is a very good option for income generation but its not a easy job.
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    Mt5 Forum -

    But in my opinion when you request to withdraw profits from your trading account they must ask you for documents and at that time it will be necessary for you then I think there is no harm to producing the same right now.