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    Profitable Sunrise

    Unfortunately, I can't take this seriously. The design looks way too simple and basic for a HYIP site. If someone wants to make a profitable scam, then at least make sure that you do it properly.
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    yellowsurveys -

    I think you've made a mistake my friend. Its a directory of survey sites, not a simple survey site, and its available to much more then India (US, UK...) I don't think we are talking about the same site here, so you should make sure you wrote the right name.
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    Paid surveys Australia -

    Good to see something available for my Australian friends here. Their country is often underestimated when it comes to surveys, and I think that they need more sites like this, if one of them shuts down.
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    Survey sites that have point system along with basic $, are quite hard to work on, and usually you will have to rely on your referrals earnings, especially if you are not from US. This one doesn't look like an scam through.
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    "SurveyHead" - ""

    I can't believe how some of the best survey sites underestimate the largest payment processors. They have Amazon, Visa and PayPal. It cannot be compared to the Payza, Liberty Reserve, and payment processors that are the future of online business.
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    Get paid to take surveys -

    This is one of the best survey sites, that's the fact. They have paid out to every single member for 14 years already. Now that their interface has changed, older members might have some problems getting used to it.
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    Opinion Outpost

    Its good to hear you are able to earn such amounts, while cheating the system, but if you are caught, your account will probably be banned. As always, this survey site targers US residents only.
  8. K - paid to survey

    Its good to see Matomy and Supersonic ads offers. They make sure their offers are available worldwide. Members can earn lots from referrals, but I don't like that you can't see offers before you register.
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    Blacklist Paid Surveys

    People tend to avoid survey sites these days, some find their country unacceptable, and some can't allow to waste their time on potential scams. Good list my friend, I personally experienced some of them. :(
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    I find it quite rude, when people just come brag about some site here, and don't ever post a link. I ended up on a identity consultancy site. Looks like its only available in US, UK, and Canada, so its useless to even try.
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    Since my country isn't supported, I will just say what I think about this one. They should make some of more famous gift cards, one of their rewards. If not that, then make it available in other countries too.
  12. K - paid to survey

    I have been paid by them once to paypal. It was bare minimum of $1, and still it was hard ,because there aren't many offers for my country. At least you guys should know they are legit, and payout is processed in a day or two.
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    Right way to make extra income -

    The site has 15 members, $100 deposited at this moment, and yet there is absolutely nothing withdrawn. That isn't very promising. Either they delay the payouts, or they may not pay at all.
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    Get paid for the view of yours.

    Not really that much of surveys, mostly affiliate deals, and offers are for US, UK, Canada and probably some bigger countries. Also, they rely on checks too much, they need far more payment processors.
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    globalsurvey is a good site -

    Oh man, another site not available in my country. They FAQ section is done great, but they definitely need to make other countries available too. Overall, it doesn't look like scam, but needs to motivate people to join.