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    Pmmoneye -

    105% after 1 day with spend only 5$ is seems very responsable plan i think i will join this hyp also i see alot of monitors got payout too which encouarge me to deposit funds right now and will come gain with update
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    Top 8 hyip moniters in the world.

    i really trust in gold poll its very honest monitor and offer good RCP too any hyip i see before join i go directly to gold poll and see review about the site also if i have chance i join after them and got rcp beside earning
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    Redlr -

    The amount of 2.5 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U5742445->U3752950. Memo: REDLR.COM - Paid To Post. Date: 09:11 19.08.13. Batch: 31693929.
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    MoneyTalkVillage -

    its seems admin back to pay his members gain and this is very good news i hope i could reach my payout by end of this week but i feel that admin would not delay payment again any way still very good forum with very good rate and i will always be active here
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    Money Talk World -

    igot email too from the forum but i think i will not be active here again untill they increase the rate or even pay the full amount not 50% its just waste of time i know its great forum but there is another forums pays high rate and very fast processing
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    Redlr -

    i don't think delete ptp section is problem as the forum is very active now without spam in this section i just received my payment today and i really admire this admin cause i requested it yesterday this is very fast paid forum who shouldn't any one miss it
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    Digitalmoneytalk -

    this is very good news that admin clear pending payment ,i think many members who stop their activity will back again and start post here again,i'm so close to reach my next payment here so i will start now and request payment by tomorrow hope i got paid too
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    dunia-hitam -

    the forum admin is from indonesia its seems good forum i just join but for now i didn't see any payment yet well i think i will make some posts her as i see most threads on english not only indonesian language
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    dunia-hitam -

    my mistake ,thanks it will not happen again
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    dunia-hitam -

    i'm not the admin Minimum point untuk cash out : 200 Maximum point untuk cash out : 500 Minimum post untuk CashOut : 100 Memberikan credit kepada member lain sangat tidak diperbolehkan, jika ini terjadi maka credit yg sudah ditransfer ke member lain dianggap hangus. Setiap cash out akan...
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    hello i have pending payment

    hello mod i didn't be active here since very long time and when i check my profile its appear i still have pending payment and i ask if i'm gonna recieve or not and why it didn't process , i know lr is closed so here is my pm account u3752950 this is very good forum and i'm glad i'm one of...
  12. H (payout)

    You have received a payment to your account U9849715 (sunshinee): Date: 2/21/2013 5:02 PM Batch: 132587511 From Account: U0990758 (DMT and MTW Account) Amount: $1.20 Memo: Payout from DMT,Enjoy Posting at forum!!! Thank you.
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    Digitalmoneytalk -

    wow it take only 3 days this time to recieve my payment this is really great and i think admin try to do all his best to paid fast ,i like limit of 30 posts a day i have no problem with this limit as long they pay fast i will do my best to be active here
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    Operabux -

    seems new ptc there is over325 memers had already joined the site and no one got paid yet ,may be because the min payout is so high which is2$ for free and premium memers,i check the ads and there is only 4ads svaliable for free memers means it would take long time to reach the min payout.
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    sun2life -

    free domain i think its bad i check the site and its seems so normal even the plans there is nothing would attractive me here to make an investment any way they just lunched today so may be they will keep paying i'm way from here