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    Dear jeFF, I need your help to set my payment ID. I have tried to find User CP, but I didn't...

    Dear jeFF, I need your help to set my payment ID. I have tried to find User CP, but I didn't find it. Thank you
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    Simplytwelve -

    The minimal invest on this program is quite low, just investing $5 we can start to earn money. The plans are also quite attractive. I hope this program keep paying at least for three rounds. I think it can be.
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    clixsense - good ptc

    I think you are right dude. I have never been able to complete the offers. I don't know why. I tried to complete some offers and I saw there were so many available offers in there but when I clicked the title of offers and wanna complete some offers, I got a notifications that the offers were...
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    investment strategy -

    I saw at the statistic of this site that the program has been running for 52 days and still paying till today. And I was also see goldpoll rate this program in paying and goldpol has been monitoring this program for 49 days. I think this program is a good short term program.
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    AVO INC - (former

    I have too dude. But I am sure my withdrawas has not been getting processed yet because of saturday and sunday are holiday (not business day). I think the pending withdrawals are going to be processed tomorrow at monday. I hope. There are so many bad comments about AVO and it makes me so worry.
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    AVO INC - (former

    Okay, I got my payout about 3 hours ago dude :D , eventhough pending quite long time for about 18 hours, but I am happy my payout has processed. I hope avo can be survive as long as possible till my first cycle end. I still using the old plan dude, for 90 days.
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    AVO INC - (former

    Are sure dude? When did you receive that payment? I was requesting payout yesterday and I have been waiting for 17 hours for now but my payout has not been getting processed yet. I doubt avo has turned to scam :angry:
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    In clicksia you need to be patient dude. It's very slow to earn much money in there. Moreover if you just click the ads in clicksia to earn money, it's very very slow. But please complete some offers in there, you're going to see how much money you'll earn just for several days.
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    AVO INC - (former

    I got too dude and I was also request for payout yesterday but it still has not been getting processed yet. I doubt avo begin turn to scam dude. I am worry about it. Moreover the site of AVO is hard to accessed. I can't think a hyip which has high security like avo will turn to scam faster.
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    AVO INC - (former

    All of us wish like that dude :beer: I am a new investor in avo and I already received my first payout from the admin. I need a long time to hit BEP, so I hope avo will keep paying after completed first cycle in order I can hit BEP. I saw avo will be like justbeenpaid which will pay for along...
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    Clean Energy Fund -

    5% per week for 2 years? woww, this is a very long term hyip program. The weekly interests that offered by this program is quite low and very sustainable. I am sure this program will keep paying as long as 2 years :D But anyway, the site is quite hard to access, very heavy.
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    profit per hour-

    The total ROI of this program is very high and very unsastainble. I am sure this program is only paying for 1 or 2 days. Even mid term program turn to scam faster, more over hourly program like this. I skip this one.
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    Royalmaxdealers -

    The same thing happened to me dude. I am not wonder why this program change the rate us page was. I am sure RMD has turned to scam. I lost my money in there :cry: . I succeed withraw about $8.xx from RMD, and got RCB about $2.xx, so I was loss about $4.xx in there.
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    6inv -

    Congrats for you dude. I need to wait 4 days more to hit BEP. I hope I will. I prefer a hyip program like this. Pay instantly. I hope my first cycle complete with a great result i.e. earn full profit of my investment and also get my principle back :rock: .
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    6inv -

    I have joined on this program and I already invested my funds in there. I hope everything is okay in there. I saw this program quite attractive. More over after this program listed on MNO, it makes me more sure to invest my money in there. I am only want to earn money for only one cycle in there...