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    indian forex forum

    there is a great forum that pays you 0.30 per post. you can collect money and can trade with that. here is my referral link please join under my referral link
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    make money online

    guys there is new website i have come across with a new site it pays per visit 0.1 USD here is my referral link do join under my referral link
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    just start posting in and earn money by $5/SignUp Bonus For you, and $1/post, $5/Referral, $0.5/Referral's Post, Minimum Payout $20 its really great they have payment proofs also. guys join under me referral link please...
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    the most easiest job.

    this is a new and easy job. you can make good amount of money here just by referring other. Signup bonus: 2$ | per referral link visit: 1$ | min payout: 10$ here is my referral link Earn Money by inviting - 1$ per referral link visit do join under me referral.
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    How many hours we spent to learn forex a day ?

    in fact quite simple to learn forex, because we require only point just because a lot of learning takes a long time while they do not be acquainted with what they are learning,, self-control, regulation, manage my emotions so totally have the same opinion with you because it is the the most...
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    The best place to start

    another tip for winning trading is the money management or the risk management subject, a trader shouldn’t risk additional than 10 percent of his assets. Also the psychological feature that has to do with the manage of emotions like fear shouls be careful
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    The best indicator

    i think stochastics and relative strength index are the best indicators for me. i prefer these indicators and work wit them.they give you very clear signals about the market movement.
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    Mylot -

    it is a great forum and have heard a lot good about this forum from the people. i am not a patr of it but decided to join it soon.
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    Blacklist Paid Surveys

    i heard about it a lot that it is completely fake and one should not join this. i am not joining it because of its bad reputation.
  10. F - paid to survey

    the biggest drawback it has that it just accepts paypal and this system does not work in my country. so i cannot join this site.
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    globalsurvey is a good site -

    do give us the site also and full details which includes how it works and what is their payment criteria and payment proof also.
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    How many paid survey you joint at 100% free ?

    it is a great site but for limited countries. not everyone can join this because this is for few is not easy to find a good site.
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    yes i agree with your point. asians usually do not get these kind of surveys.i am also a part of this survey site but did not get any survey
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    Surveys for asian countries

    do reply as soon as you get your payment we really want to hear from you. looking for an online job but found most of them scams. hope this will work.
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    Fxfred -

    one more new forex PTP forum, from the admin, Nick, the position rates are fairly high-quality, the the majority good-looking characteristic here is that we can get seventy five cents for every active referral, this is fairly easy way to make through the forum other than usual posting, I think...