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    Can anyone be a Forex Trader?

    of course ! anyone can be a trader, only need to have enough knowledge of market and trading strategies.
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    Forex is your part time or full time?

    Forex should be part time because it have many risk of loosing money.
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    Education & Experience

    Education is the first thing we should know then applying our knowledge we get experience.
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    Is forex trading recommend for age below 18years.

    Its all depends upon the knowledge and skills of the traders.
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    Current Thinking On HYIP Strategy

    I appreciate your strategies but in my concern HYIP investing is not much good way to strengthen the wealth.
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    What amount to invest and what time frame period should be ok ?

    As a beginner , i am having good strategies to learn from here.
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    Liteforex for social trading

    hotfrog offers great service for social trading. You should invest diversified which reduces risk.
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    What is the maximum HYIP Investment Limit?

    For HYIP investment, the limit is maximum $300. My individual highest investment in HYIP is 10$.
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    LiteForex Market Analytics

    Great platform to have a analytical data which forecast correctly.
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    NewForex — Forex news (daily)

    You provide great analysis on the daily basis, glad to have your analysis.
  11. E - European broker offers wide range of services to traders to trade profitably.
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    Innovative Binary Options Broker

    Great services offered by this broker, i like their assistance and customer support.
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    Superforex - - Best Newcomer 2015!

    This is good platform for trading with easy and comfortable trading services.
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    Company News by ForexMart

    Great platform to know all the company news and updates.
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    "Fort Financial Services"- fundamental and technical analysis

    This is great analysis of Fort finance services with comprehensive chart of technical and fundamental analysis.