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    2FX LTD -

    o yes got it i read the last post but didnt read all the posts
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    Linumfund -

    very good to see another site and comments about the website anyone receive payments form here so share it i am intrusted to invest because we can earn without work
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    i visited the website as layout of the website i think this is not lagimate may be scam but if you receive any payment from here plz share it
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    internet marketing

    now days internet marketing is like a business we can earn by working with the companies which want to make there presence on on the internet world
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    Best Auto Surf Site

    dear members i am in search of best autosurf sites as i heard that autosurf sites are best way to earn automaticlly
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    Incomestrategy - 102.5% after a day, 119.5% after 7 days -

    layout of the website is impressive and i also read the comments of my friend here which proves that this is reliable that is why i shall invest some of money here as the website is looking to be the new one so it will pay the comments about the website i will share after i got payments and will...
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    2FX LTD -

    its good to read about the following hyip web portal that this is a paying web portal. i am reading this thread some of my fellows are against this web portal but as hdg33 mentioned that he received payment from this HYIP i would like to see the payment proof dear hadg33 please let us know as u...
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    Surveys for asian countries

    i some how hear that there is no website in asian countries which belong to paid surveys any time i signup for the web site i got error not available in your area, anyhow i am going to join as i heard that it is a good site for paid surveys but i am not confirm are they paid or not
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    $5 bonus -

    seems to be good as i read that they have application too but i do not know why i am not satisfied with this site anyone of here can tell me that they got payment from ipoll, if yes than plz comment about it well because of good comments i will join this site to share some thing good about the...
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    Best technique for SEO OFF Page?

    in seo off page seo is belong to the header section of the website page. use the tags which only belong to your website. bookmarks bar social media directories entry are the best way all these i prefer blogging
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    Skype -Secure?

    @josephedwards maybe your statement is good but i do not know how i can secure my IP. because i never heard and search about IPs.
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    Neobux -

    neobux is one of my fevrouite web site which i geniune and paying from last many years but it works perfect when you are premium member on the site otherwise you have to work and be patent to reach the minimum payout
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    Ayuwage -

    ayuwage hm this web site is working that is good sign i heard that this site could be gone to scam list @norviparick its a good news as i am here in this field after many years and i glad to see that all that sites i was working on are still in paying list but as u said that click rate is lower...
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    clixsense - good ptc

    i am here after a long time as i had a registration on this site but now days is not opening in my country. as mentioned above by yuill about b or c category country i am not understanding which countries are listed in b or c category
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    Earning Palace -

    this site may be very good but thing i do not like in this is the payout process. i like golden talk's payout process. just click payout and payment will transfer.