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    Identify Scamming HYIP Programs

    Thanks for the tips. They are very useful for newbies. If a program is new, before you can decide whether to invest or not , its also good to check its whois info @ If its hosted on dedicated server, then invest cos it shows admin' s seriousness sometimes.
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    Terms And Abbreviations Used In HYIP

    Thanks for these, i found it useful. Regarding the RCB, do you mean the person who is giving out RCB is offering to pay you a certain amount of the referral cash paid to him after you signed up through him and you invested.
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    MoneyTalkVillage -

    regarding the issue of spammers, i must say that the mods are really trying because the spammers make MTV hell to post in sometimes. i resumed my activity in here few minutes ago and i'm willing to make many posts today. the deletion of the spammers is a relief i must admit.
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    Thecashchat -

    you made a mistake dude. it not TCC that increased post rare. its their sister forum EP that increased theirs. and as a matter of fact, TCC is no longer a ptp forum. its now contest based.
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    Lot of talks -

    i also heard that admin launched a new program few days ago. it may be the plan of admin to increase the rates after making profit from the new program
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    Metaroi -

    @glucoseguy, you are right. Most of them are scam but if you can do your analysis very well, you can still make profit the very day which the program come out because it will have to pay the early investors in other to become popular.
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    MetroSoap Forex Investment -

    I will like to invest in this kind of program since there is a medium available through which i can talk with admin one on one. I may consider dropping 5 bucks here.
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    4daysincome -

    Well, the admin stayed for long and i must that say i'm satisfied. Although i didn't invest but my friend who invested in this program got a nice amount of profit although lost his last reinvestment.
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    Stable Growth Fund

    I know everything that happened ended up either favour of admin or investors. So after changes that took place in this programme lately, anyone think its unsafe to invest here or what? Pls reply me ASAP
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    PrimeXCash -

    Thanks for giving us unregistered members a chance to view the plans. It all shows that the program is long term and since i don't invest much. Its not really suitable for me. Although i'm not investing but i may earn from referrals so i'm curious to know more so i can be able to convince anyone...
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    Hi guys, so what do you think about the program. It has been around since june 28. Don't you think its too late to invest because the ROI been offered is high and program offering such tends to benefit early investors only
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    Fxfred -

    That doesn't matter, you can still earn from this forum by participating in the beginners sections and making 4 posts per day which will give you 120 posts by the end of the month. Why not start next month since its already late this month.
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    moneyearningforum -

    Well, i don't see any reason why its not advisable to post you LR account number when you are posting payment proof. Can it in any way cause a damage to your account balance?
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    Profitclicking (former Justbeenpaid) -

    Another restart? does it mean that those who invested in the last 45 days are about to get the complete tripled amount of their capital or what?
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    Silver Structure -

    The roi offered is ok 200% pure profit after 150 days. Good to see that they have been operating for over 120 days and having 21,000 investors so far. But can anyone tell me whether its risky to invest now or not because i'm feeling like i'm already late.