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Discussion in 'Autosurfers' started by lemon_1800, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. lemon_1800

    lemon_1800 Active Member

    I found this site today and it's been paying right now.

    Free for 30 Days
    250 Bonus Credits
    Advertise 5 Sites
    Surf at 1 to 1
    Must Upgrade within 30 days.


    Upgrade units $5 Each
    Surf at 1 to 2 Ratio
    1000 Bonus Credits
    Advertise 25 sites.
    Earn 4% rebate daily for 30 days
    Automatic Cashouts

    Signup for Both and Get 1500 extra credits for each site!!!

    Payout processors : paypal and alertpay.

    site link :
  2. haclong932

    haclong932 Banned

    Domain Information
    billy basinger
    2131 Hwy A
    Bonnots Mill, Missouri 65016
    United States

    Domain Name: WORLD-SURF.NET
    Created on: 22-Mar-09
    Expires on: 22-Mar-10
    Last Updated on: 22-Mar-09
  3. alensot

    alensot Active Member

    How does this site work? do we have to make a membership payment in the beginning itself for getting registered there? are there more members active in this site? is the site running very new or is it old site
  4. betsybee

    betsybee Super Moderator

    Go and read the website, it should answer all your questions. Check monitoring sites to see if it is paying. This way you will learn.
  5. starapple

    starapple Member

    Aside from I don't like to join autosurfs.. I also find it weird that this one accepts Paypal.
  6. rortiz86

    rortiz86 Member

    If it's an autosurf which sell advertisements and doesn't ask members to upgrade then PP might accept them, but since this one looks more of an investment program which depends on their investors...I'm sure it won't be accepted, sooner or later if PP found them their account might be limited.:D
  7. sachinjt

    sachinjt Member

    i didn't really understand the part where you have to upgrade your account in the site!! can some one help me on this!!! after getting this information i shall consider joining here!!!
  8. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    It is quite easy actually, just replace "upgrade account" with "invest". So you invest certain amount of money, surf certain number of sites per day and get your daily profit. It is like HYIP with mandatory surfing. :)
  9. halazoun

    halazoun Active Member

    im a memeber at this program it paid me so really great from nice and honest admin..and also you get daily Bonus from this site .
  10. sinip

    sinip Super Moderator

    I'd also like to ask you for payment proof to be posted in "I have been paid by..." section. Thank you in advance.
  11. halazoun

    halazoun Active Member

    yes you are right im wrong in title this site not paid at this time im sorry
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2009
  12. Topnotcher

    Topnotcher Active Member

    Yeah i second that , accepting paypal , and that too in an autosurf , it seems to a bit wierd. It might affect our paypla as well if they get to know where the funds are going . Ultimately it will result in limited paypal account
  13. ashvini

    ashvini Member

    sites accepting paypal.................. :p , well i doubt about such sites and better stay away, 4% per day for 30 days, so we gotta wait 30 days
  14. Topnotcher

    Topnotcher Active Member

    yeah , its too risky to play in payapl with such sites , paypal people bans or limits the accounts for no reasons or very vague reasons , so joining surfs using paypal is a very risky bet. :)
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