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  1. bakho

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    Yes your correct and plus they dont even cover all football matches.there daily schedule of soccer matches are very limited competitive to other LR betting sites like bet7days and hpbet.I wish to make a arbitrage bet at this site but this site also does not offer any great odds like redbet does.And i was amazed when they were not offering a bet for Liverpool match.I just withdraw all my deposited money from this betting site.however i just deposit 3$ at this bookie
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    With the strategy that bakho uses to do arbitrage betting, you cannot use win29 to do it since they don't offer odds for exact scores like 0-0, or 1-1, etc.
    For such a big on-line betting site, they ought to have more options really.

    I just made a dollar deposit herein win29 just to have a go at playing the head n tails game. It was a risk for me seeing as before there were people saying that there were problems with the payment sometimes. I played around 10 games, and won 9 cents in total. Requested a withdrawal and got it immediately to my account.
  3. Mac

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    Maybe off topic (then sorry), but thanks bakho for tip on next LR bookie (hpbet) to collection.
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    Apparently, the head n tails game which offers a 220% payback if u win, is not actually 50 50 win rate. Apparently its only 20% win and 80% lose, hence the very high reward. but then there is the hash thing which is also head n tails but that payback is just 198% or something like that. Is that a fairer game?
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    @faceless: never play on their head tail 220% because really rarely win..but for another head tail game still acceptable..even sometime really annoying lost on more than 5 row..remember i was ever took more than 90$ profit on that game..not bad if you want tips give a delay within 5 second on each bet :beer:
  6. faceless123

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    @rivha, yea thanks for the advice. Through personal experience, I now also know not to play in the head n tail game where they offer over 220% in return if the bet is correct. I have lost most of the money using that mode of play. But originally I was lucky, because by playing on the 220% return rate game, I still won, and then I withdrew he profit, and then deposited again, and lost it all lol
    So how come there should be a 5 second delay? Does it make a difference? And how.
    You managed to get 90 dollar profit from the 199% return head n tail? Do u have a particular strategy or tip...
  7. rivha

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    @faceless : i dont sure are they detecting each click of bet or not..but as far i play here giving a delay on each bet giving me more chance to win :) just it my friend..and often i bet with 1000 points (where its mean $10) and won :D
  8. faceless123

    faceless123 Active Member

    @rivha, lol I don't think that is a very accurate, or well thought straetgy the things you have just said, it was probably all down to luck, the fact that you win the majority of the time when you bet 1000 points.
    I might try your method in giving a delay of a few seconds between each flick of the coin, but I sitll don't understand how it makes a difference. You say they don't detect each click of bet, so is it a glitch? Or what?
  9. rivha

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    @faceless :
    I dont know are effective anytime or not but as far play and can keep patient on each bet i won more than lost..anyway i just following their free LR right now..also they had change minimum bet rules for soccer betting..before no minimum for bet even with 1 point..then they changed into 50 minimum week ago..but now they decrease again became 10 points only :jitters:
  10. kaice

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    Wow is it true ? 0.10$ every 30 minutes :WE SEND$0.1TO YOU EVERY 30MINUTES
    (EVENT FROM08:00 - 18:00GMT). If it true then what profits the site did? Very strang.
  11. zef316

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    Yes this was a nice site but at that time they were using libertyreserve as a payment processor. I heard that they have updated the program and they choose P.M as their payment processor. you can check there.
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    i like betting with win29 on there soccer bet section but as for the head and tail section i dont think that i will ever place a bet on it because i have loose a lot on it in other to recover my lost.
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    Win29 top head tail

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