What risk should we take?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by Damon, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Chinenye123

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    No matter the ROI in hyips they can scam any time. The best is to set aside funds for volatile investments like hyip.
    Adopting good money management skill and strategies is the only way to profit in investments
  2. mcliffi

    mcliffi Member

    Successful people in this world,are those who take risk.Every business involve risk taking.Even the biggest companies lets say real estate,HYIPS must all involve risk taking.In order to curb risks,invest in several companies or entities,you will at lest make a profit in one or two of them.If forex trading is risky,then gambling will be a hard to many.Its better to lose money in forex rather gambling.In the HYIPs risks are minimal if you put all your acts right.What determines your profit or loss,will all depend on the kind of strategy you use in the HYIPs.
  3. orni308

    orni308 Member

    You should take risk and in stock or HYIP's or in forex we have to take risk, but its also important to note that a trader should analyse the possible consequences of the move.
  4. bourseindia

    bourseindia New Member

    Risk..! One should take risk without risk you cannot become big, but risk should be measurable.
  5. nanypurwanti

    nanypurwanti New Member

    ANy business have their own risk. SO we just need to learn first ow to overcome risk and minimizes it.
  6. bigshow

    bigshow Member

    I think learning how to overcome the risks associated with any business is important. I guess online businesses are much riskier than any other physical business so it is good to invest wisely after knowing the pros & cons and associated risk of loss.
  7. aditigupta

    aditigupta Member

    Risk is associated with every investment we make. But the point, is avoiding or not taking risk helping us in any manner. I believe we will become static in terms of earnings and not be able to earn more . High returns are associated with high risk. Its not required you should take very high risk but depending on the bearing capabilities one must take risk to earn good profit.
  8. bigshow

    bigshow Member

    I guess the risk per trade cannot be overlooked as it is essential for making necessary risk management of your entire capital. Its not only helps but also protect trader money from over trading so as a whole risk per trade should not exceed more than 1 - 2 % of the total capital.
  9. Epicram

    Epicram Member

    Before taking a risk, you should evaluate the risk effects to face it safely.
  10. Cheryl Trevis

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    There are a lot of ways to determine risks and mitigate them. When it comes to your personal funds, it is easier to make decisions on risks. When it comes to company or organization funds, it is trickier because there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of opinions count.
  11. greatcharm

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    Absolutely! In addition to it , you must have the knowledge in identifying risks and taking steps to mitigate them. For a thorough process, I came across an article that a tracking tool can help you about managing risk.
  12. Cheryl Trevis

    Cheryl Trevis Member

    Yes, greatcharm. I am familiar with those software/tools. We don't actually use them at my work, but I've studied them thoroughly because had considered purchasing a license for one such erm software. These software are a complete package and I highly suggest them to businesses. When I start my own business, these software are going to be first on my list. They will not only help you manage risks, in the long run, they can help with quality of your performance, services and products too!
  13. woggi

    woggi New Member

    So these software really work?
  14. Epicram

    Epicram Member

    Risk is always depend on our investment, if we want to earn big, we take big risk.
  15. bigshow

    bigshow Member

    An experienced trader is the one who can foresee and manages those risks associated with their investments.
  16. I would like to say that only one person can determine your risk capabilities and that person is only you. You know your knowledge, your skill better than others.you just have to analyse how well you can perform in the trade market.If you are new in market spend a part of your money so that you can control your loss easily.
  17. priya rajput

    priya rajput Member

    The only way that you are going to be dragging in the Forex profits within minutes from now is to hold on someone else's expertise and training with a "done for you" mechanical Forex trading system.

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