What risk should we take?

Discussion in 'Investment Strategies' started by Damon, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Monoxide

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    Hyip with investment plans like 122% days after 5days,114% after 1 day with min deposit startin from $1 are good to invest in for only a short period of time cos most of them turn scam after 60days or even less.When I started with Troodos funds i invested $1 and $1.50 later.I got 2.75 as a profit with principal included but I lost everything.
  2. zapper

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    In HYIPs, you have to take a risk in every investment you make as long as your investment capital is not yet cleared. But in forex, you lock in a margin and that`s usually the recommended risk. But since higher leverages are offered these days, risk is calculated in percentage of the account itself. I would say that risk analysis in general is so important for any investment...
  3. MrTeedMas10

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    Hi! I agree with your opinion.

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. zapper

    zapper Active Member

    This is obvious. There is no way one can make such huge one day gains. It is very exceptional. If the daily percentage offered is more than 2-2.5%, it`s classified as high risk.
  5. nanoextreme

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    If you are lucky,you have chance to get paid from such HYIPs.
    Let say that one HYIP started working yesterday,and if someone invest some money on the first day,that person has a chance to get paid,because 90% HYIPs pays some members to atract their friends,and other new members.
    But even this is not sure,and you have your investment on high risks,so it is better to think twice before you invest in such sites.
  6. amna

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    In my life i have never understood the mechanism of HYIPs. I like forex and make few trades regularly. I want to know which programs works the best and how we can make money.
  7. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    Check this:

    and this:

    And try to learc about HYIPs before you start inevsting.Every bit of knowledge is important.
  8. cathren

    cathren New Member

    risk not exceed the safe
  9. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    What do you want to say? :evil:
    In all HYIPs,there is always chance to be scammed,there is not 100% safe HYIP,so risk will ALWAYS exceed the safe.How can it be opposite? only if there would be some 100% safe HYIP,and we all know that such HYIP does not exist.All of them will become scam once.
  10. amna

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    Thanks for the links and advice. I understand the risk and therefore i am into this forum to update my knowledge and skills.
  11. attacker3x

    attacker3x Banned

    Ideally, set aside a sum of money that can generate passive income for you, then the rest of the spare cash, you can risk it.

    This way, if you lose the risk money, you still have passive income to continue your passion.
  12. djai

    djai Active Member

    correctly said by alot of members in this thread is to set aside a proportion of income for high risk and invest the rest in a low risk fund. i am a low risk person myself, who likes to earn steady income and not risky gains.
    but we can achieve good gains if plan out the risk and make a planned high risk investment
  13. attacker3x

    attacker3x Banned

    Decrease your risk Usually decreases your earnings.
    Another question is how to decrease your risk while increase your earnings.
  14. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    I agree with you,and when I start with HYIPs again,I will invest in low risk HYIPs,and I hope that I will have some incomes.
    But problem is because even those low risk HYIPs become scams sometimes.
    Let take nanomoneycorp for example.I dont know is it scam,but I know that it is not paying their members now.
    Before few months,they were leading HYIP site,and a lot of members invested into that HYIP,and I was thinking about to invest in it.
    But it turned into scam.
    So I am worried about that,and I dont feel that I put my money into safe place when I invest it in HYIPs :S
  15. djai

    djai Active Member

    take it as that all HYIP's are going to become a scam one day. never think that HYIP will be paying for more than 10 years. so when you invest in a low risk HYIP, make sure to take out your principal money first and then play with profits.its a slow growth this way, but a secured one.
  16. kazeru

    kazeru Member

    risk that will be received if no profit is lost. Just be careful because this hyip is very high risk.
  17. llbo1981

    llbo1981 Banned

    The HYIP has small profit is safe.
  18. Unary

    Unary Member

    I think we should invest our mojority funds to stable programes,
    then we can do some high risky hyips with a smaller money we can afford
  19. nanoextreme

    nanoextreme Member

    How can you be sure that you will take back principal money? You have said that all hyips will be scams one day,so if that day come earlier than you got back principal money,what then?
  20. jason_simpson

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    Nobody likes volatility, you need to establish an investment strategy that sees you through good times and bad. The first step is to assess your personal tolerance for investment risk.

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